Sep 16, 2014
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Two Strong Opinions...

Aug 10, 2009
    I attended the meeting our FSA office had on the new program (ACRE). They used a couple farmers that were there to give them their acres and crops so they could use them for an example. One was going to lose $900. The others were not any better. She had to come up with a phony example to make it look like anything. 
   The general feeling was that it is the biggest bunch of BS ever.  I asked if they had come up with that as job security. What do you expect with this administration? Ag was never mentioned in the last election. This new health care thing they are trying to rush through is criminal.
Thanks for listening,
Dale Hartley

   I was in the bathroom getting ready for work this Saturday 8/8/09 when I heard you folks talking about the Heavens and the crops. I know in my heart that the phases of the MOON effects planting and harvest. Also the corn crop in northern Michigan is in real trouble this year. Also there seems to be a lack of bees and wasps in mid and northern Michigan. What is up with that cold weather? Michael H. MacCready
Manton MI
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COMMENTS (4 Comments)

Keith Jacobson
John, your comment about insurance co. having the final word was 1/2 right; trial lawyers dictate what ins. cos. will cover.
12:18 PM Aug 22nd
ACRE was not invented by FSA nor by the Obama administration; it was a 2008 Farm Bill creation and was enacted during the Bush administration !
2:53 PM Aug 12th
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