Sep 20, 2014
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Dec 04, 2009
Sitting in the line at the grain co-op gives one a lot of time to think...
   The elevator is getting to be more and more like a doctor's office.  You wait around for about two hours for something that takes about five minutes.  And they close early!  I'm not sure if it's to play golf - but I kind of doubt it.  I don't even want to get started about the probing and sampling similarities!  
Tom Morrison

   I am currently working with 80 organizations concerning the Agricultural Death Tax and its affects on our environment and our growing inability to feed our country without imports?
   We lose 2 mil acres of food producing lands every year due to this tax, not to mention the loss to our environment and wildlife habitat. Our inability to feed our country and the forecast that 30% of our farms and ranches (700,000 farms/ranches) will be lost in the next few years to this tax should overshadow any other issue, including healthcare, Tiger Woods or the couple that went to dinner at the White House. 
   I am amazed that no one since President Bush is being proactive on stopping the growing problem of the U.S.A.’s inability to feed its own.  President Bush saw the problem and scheduled the Ag Death Tax to be abolished next year.  But as of yesterday the Democratic Controlled House Rules Committee (Rangel) has insured that no real discussion or amendments will be allowed about this growing crisis. 
   We have outsourced our oil and soon it will be our food. I am extremely frustrated by my inability to expose this crisis to the voting public.
Yours truly, 
Gary Walker
Walker Ranches
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