Sep 19, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Viewer's on Drought, Gardening, Pork Production & a "Green" Idea

May 03, 2010

***Editor's Note:  The following feedback was received following the May 1-2, 2010 edition of the program...

Mike (Hoffman), I thought you might be interested in this.
   As you know we are in a drought here (Northern Wisconsin) that has lasted for several years. I have told you before about some lakes up here are drying up. The worst seems to be in southern Bayfield county; a tourist area and a center for retirees who have cabins and 2nd homes on these lakes. There was a report on local TV last week and they showed 3 lakes. On one of them the folks were putting out their dock for the season and they had to go down the beach 14 more feet in order to get to water from last year. On another lake one owner said that his property valve has dropped $30,000 because he no longer has water front property. Probably the worst one is Pigeon Lake were one resident had to fly his seaplane out before he got stranded there. Apparently these lakes, that are pothole lakes and have no sources except drainage, did not exist before WW II. After the war there was a series of very wet years that caused the lakes. Prior to the war Pigeon Lake was a hay field farmed by the Johnson family. I assume that is the Johnson wax family as they have a large family retreat in nearby Cable.
   In the 20's the state declared the North unfit for farming and started replanting trees and pushing tourism. I find it ironic that farming is still hanging on (despite the state and the wolves) and maybe it's unfit for tourism.
Stan Ford 

    Living here in a 4-plex condo in Colorado Springs, I've had a small garden area in back of the building for 4 years.  This year, thinking that they may need to spray outside for termites, I had to expand my garden area, or at least move the area where I will be planting my tomatoes.  Our back yard is in about 3-4 levels, top level nearest the building.  I went downhill from the top level and dug out several good sized rocks just under the surface of the ground.  With them. I built a rock and dirt wall at the bottom end of my new garden area.  Next, I got several bags of composted manure and filled in a large hole where the rocks had been and got it quite level with the existing top level of the back yard.  Then I erected a fence to give it some privacy and also to have a place for my grape vine, which I transplanted, to climb on.  I like to place bricks around my plants then fill the inside of the bricks with potting soil.  As yet they haven't sprayed for termites, so I have another area to plant a row of beets and a row of chard. 
    After planting, I'll be spreading wood chips or some mulch around all of my plants.  Incidentally, when I started my garden, the ground was solid hard clay.  Now, I have nice easily manageable soil and even night crawlers.  A lot of things I learned about adding good things to the soil I learned from working on my uncle's dairy farm years ago near Big Rapids, Michigan.  
    If you would like to come out and see what I did and to see how my garden is doing later this summer, please feel free to contact me at:
Rex Mortensen
Colorado Springs, CO 

    My name is Scott Sands. I am 24 years old from Silver Lake, Indiana. I have been trying since 2008 to get in contact with a contractor to raise for and have had no luck so far. Was hoping you knew or could give me some names of people to contact.  I want to come back to our family farm and this is my best chance at doing so but cant unless I get a building put up to supply my own income. We currently raise around 4,000 head a year for Dykuis Farms out of Holland, Michigan.  We have been raising hogs since 1976 and strongly looking to expand our operation.  I have an older and younger brother also interested.  My younger brother just graduated from Michigan State University with a swine management degree, just like my father.  We have sites approved and ready to build just needing a contractor to supply the swine.  Please or forward this email to anyone that could possibly help.  I thank you for your time. 
Scott Sands 
Silver Lake, Indiana

Hi Al,
    I have a web site that I'd like to have you look at. Click here  This design can be made large or small, but it would be especially suitable for farms where most of the electricity could be used by the farm and the extra transported back over the current R. E. A.  lines without the need to install new high power lines as is necessary with large wind turbines.
    I hope you find this interesting. Oh, one more thing, I love your TV program.
Clark Pattee


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