Sep 15, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Weather, Water & Wyoming...Viewer Comments Pour In...

Sep 03, 2009
***We received lots of feedback following our August 29-30, 2009 edition...

   What on earth is the government thinking to not allow the San Joaquin Valley in California to have its water for its agriculture??? That's got to be a major food source taken away. What about the farmers? That is their income taken away. And the environment! Where are the do-good environmentalists? Aren't they worried about the dust bowl created by no water? What is the government trying to do, destroy every facet of America?
Carol Hunt
Ely, Nev.

   Seems that soybeans and corn get all the attention when reporting on the grains.  How about more on wheat?
Mel Cobb

   It would be a welcome addition to hear some news regarding America's sugarbeet farmers and their crops. While the acreage is not as great as the corn and soybean crops that you continually talk about, it would be refreshing to hear some other crop data. We here in Wyoming would like to get some information on not only sugarbeets but also dry beans, alfalfa and malt barley, if you could see your way clear to do so.
Thank you,
Ted Propp Jr.

   I have been watching your show for at least 20 years now off and on but mainly on Sunday mornings. I really like the show and think that you do a great job on everything. I am not a farmer and never been a farmer, but I do know that farmers are the real backbone of the world. So I do understand that everything that goes on from Wall Street down to Main Street all goes by what happens on the farms in every aspect. Plus I like how each week you talk and show old churches and old farming equipment, so please don't change a thing at all, especially on Sunday mornings.
   What I am really writing to you about is that I have noticed in the past few years how the weather has been all around the country and the world, for the most part. I was wondering if the seasons are slowly changing? I mean, it's not as cold during the winter like I used to remember and its not as hot during the summer like I use to remember either. So far this year I believe the hottest temperature in St. Paul, MN was 97F degrees back in late April or early May, and we have only had three or four days of 90F-plus temperatures since. I also don't think that it really got below 0F degrees during the winter more than maybe 10 times all winter, which is not normal either. I know that in history the Earth has had different seasons where winter was summer and summer was winter. I was just wondering if that is slowly happening again? I don't know if I can actually believe all of the reports of global warming -- yes, some are true or can be true, but at the same time it could be all false, since nobody really knows at all. So maybe if you could give me the weather temperatures over the past 100 years or so, or whenever the Farmers Almanac first started to record temperatures, I could see if we are just in a weird weather pattern right now or not. I know that we go in weird spurts of weather types from year to year and/or decade to decade. But the 34 years I have been on this earth and in Minnesota, I just don't remember it being like this. So if you have a Web site address for this, please e-mail me back so that I can do the research myself and/or just let me know if you find something out one way or another, just in case I miss the episode where you might have this in it, if you actually put this as a segment on your show.
   Thank you and please keep up the great work for all farmers and nonfarmers around the U.S. and the world.
Patrick Shull
St. Paul, Minn.
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