Sep 21, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Chocolate Milk Please, but with Less Sugar

Jun 10, 2011

   I watch US Farm Report every week, thanks to DVR.  I'm female, a retired nurse, homemaker, avid gardener, raised 4 boys.  
   I don't know what is so hard about deciding whether to keep chocolate milk in school lunches.  If sugar is the only problem that is faced in providing this nutritious food to children, then dang it, switch to artificial sweetener! I would hate to see children, or any age person, to stop drinking chocolate milk and losing calcium, vitamin D, protein, etc., if switching from sugar to one of the current sweeteners would let them continue to gain the benefits of milk. 
    Why is this such a seemingly difficult problem?  It is a very simple solution to a very simple problem.  I'm sure you have devoted enough time on your program to this subject, but perhaps forwarding this suggestion to those that are pondering it will help out.

Thanks for listening.
Beverly Unck

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Peter Leighton - Sandy, UT
There is a solution to this "Chocolate Milk Dilemma". An all-natural chocolate milk mix called MojoMilk ( contains 60% fewer calories than leading brands and also delivers 10x more active probiotics than yogurt. Now kids can have delicious AND healthy chocolate milk!
5:56 PM Jun 10th
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