Sep 19, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Lots of Feedback

Nov 08, 2010

***Editor's Note:  The following comments were received following the November 6-7, 2010 edition of U.S. Farm Report...


Dear Mr Phipps,

   I watch the US Farm Report weekly.  I am a very small farmer(5 head of beef, 3 breeding sows and 5-10 tons of hay sold yearly), photo studio owner, Washington farm Bureau member and 4-H leader with Spokane County 4-H.  Last year in our 4-H club the kids started a busines/scholarship program named Pandora Design.  In the business plan the 4-H kids developed, the services they offer include video production, graphic design and photography.  

   This last summer the kids negotiated a contract for production of and completed a documentary of a community garden project.  The contract was for $3,000.00.  It included extensive distribution and display.  Here is a link to a Youtube version:
   The kids learned alot and have dramaticaly improved their video skills during production as you can see in the video.  They are very proud of the "Learn By Doing" motto of 4-H.  I have to learn alot myself to keep ahead of these guys!
I saw your show this morning and heard your invitation for submission of video footage by veiwers.  I would like to ask you to consider this proposition.  We produce a 2 plus or minus minute piece on our grain growing region called the Palouse for you to purchase.  You may ask what is the Palouse?  It is a region that produces wheat production that exceeds the "Kansas Standard".  Take a brief look at these websites: 
What do you think?
Bill Demers
Spokane Washington



   I enjoy watching the US Farm Report and was wondering if you have ever considered having a year-end tax session on the show.

   I am writing the The FarmCPA blog on and have done several tax articles for Top Producer and I think it would be great to have at least one year-end tax session. 
Paul G. Neiffer, CPA
Kennewick, WA



Hi John,  I know you used to direct a choir and was wondering if you still do.  It would be so nice if your choir would sing for us on your show for Christmas.  Any chance of that happening?

Lois Schuessler



  I am a heavy equipment mechanic in southern tier of New York and covering area for my company from finger lakes toward Penn. state's Tioga state forests and even follow our rentals further at times. I think one of the greatest perks AND headaches around are the GAS FIELD opportunities for farmers . I say this mostly in light of New York's regulatory MESS . Penn state is becoming similar with WILD EXPANSIVE regulation (fighting over FRACKING) and in so killing a farm commodity, in this region, of NATURAL GAS. 

    Although there are some true concerns , the REGULATIONS aren't MATCHING reality . In fact , regulations make it OBVIOUS these states are fighting for UPFRONT CASH leaving NO natural market work to glean from MARKET rewards and increased land valuation . These THIEVES want BOTH, FRONT regulatory cash and to siphon off later production as well . Confiscatory government working is so pervasive it is killing our type of business along the way . Politicians , so-called, are NOT IN ANYWAY considering MARKET VALUE and MARKET FORCES in their legislation.

    John, I'm talking about areas with BILLIONS of gallons of water flowing by in major rivers & streams and REGULATIONS FORCING companies to drive 15 miles for a small truckload of MUNICIPAL water to wet roads for dust suppression. For FRACKING they are trucking MUCH FURTHER often times, and we're talking fracking ponds of 10,000,000 to
20,000,000 gallons . Fuel costs alone become astronomical. Arguing for or against fracking becomes IRRELEVANT when municipalities are regulating to take extra cash in NEW FEES upfront. Contracts to farmers and others are hurt .
   ROAD regulations tighten to ridiculous standards barely allowing the NORMAL farm vehicle PRESENT on the roads . In some wild cases even individual companies are individually regulated apart from others .  I'm not talking about just the roads . HOWEVER , gas work certainly destroys roads . Few gas companies argue their responsibility and most , not all ,but most do a good job of maintenance . I travel these roads for service work with a truck that is NOT "ride-friendly" and many roads are a big improvement from their previous NORMS.
   Anyway , just thoughts to ponder of farm plight here in Northeastern region . It is already bad enough as normal , standard fertilizer and chemicals regulated tightly and then even the replacements , "eco-friendly" are harshly regulated . Manure to offset fertilizer is approaching levels where what i call "POO-police" will soon be prowling . it is TRULY SAD .
   Contractor and farmer repairing flooded and damage streams , authorized by New York , are then FINED for their necessary & authorized work IN , on and around those streams ; "turbidity" , cloudy water FLOODING ALREADY CAUSED . It is a bizarre world, my friend .
   I'll see if i can get up next broadcast to see your reply, IF this meets good standards of farm concerns .
   Thanx for US Farm Report . Here's to hoping you're not regulated off the air .
Pops Howard
Apalachin , N.Y.  


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