Sep 19, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Marketing & Marriage

Dec 06, 2010


   You may have stepped in it by throwing generalities about women into the already volatile mix of market price factors. However, the connection you make between marriage and marketing might explain why my marketing has been no better than an aspiration to achieve mediocrity, as my history with marriage has been even less so.

Gary Anderson

***Editor's Note:  John's comments are below...

   It is hard to keep your eyes off the grain markets these days.  In fact, it is a surprise when prices don't move dramatically.  And when they do, we go looking for the "story".  Part of the hard-wiring of our brains is to look for patterns in events that will help us predict outcomes.  Adding a narrative to tie observations together in a cause-and-effect linkage also helps to store those life lessons. 

   But life was much simpler when those abilities developed.  To explain even mundane markets today defies neat packaging.  For example, some of the factors in the grain markets currently are Chinese inflation fighting efforts, European currency woes, Australian weather, South American production questions, congressional deficit battles, hard-pressed livestock feeders, U.S. production costs, abundant free-range investment dollars, and changing food tastes. 

   This list is by no means exhaustive - I've only 90 seconds here.  My point is practically anyone could mix those ingredients into a mildly plausible story to explain why corn is up 20, and that is exactly what is happening.  But the hunger for reasons often distracts us from our real task:  to react to market signals.  Thriving as a farmer does not require being able to explain your markets.  Remember, few of us truly understand women, but many of us still have been succcessfully married for decades.

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