Oct 1, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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The Viewer's Turn

Mar 07, 2011

***Editor's Note:  The following comments were received following the March 5-6, 2011 edition of U.S. Farm Report...

#1: On the tractor tales segment on March 5th, Al Pell commented after the video that the John Deere B that was featured, was priced new in 1945 at $3,000. In reality, a new John Deere B in 1945 was less than half of what Mr. Pell quoted...that size Deere tractor didn't get to $3000 until many, many years later.

A faithfull veiwer.
Al Wichmann
Clintonville, WI


#2:  Hi guys, have you ever thought about adding a segment on algae fuel and algae production on a farm format? We need to get energy production out of the hands of big companies like Exxon and Shell and the other big companies and put it in the hands of smaller groups and farmers. Algae fuel is coming, its good for the economy and the trade deficit, and the nations security. Thanks, Lonnie Cooper


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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

bernyedward - valley glen, CA
I watched your segment on grain bin safety. I noticed that there was no mention in design changes in implementing safety devices.
I recommend a safety harness with rope and pulley suspended from the ceiling. This would be great for a individual working by themselves.
A second safety recommendation would be the installation of safety nets every three feet starting from the bottom. This nets would be installed and/or removed depending on the amount of grain in the bin.
4:52 PM Apr 3rd
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