Sep 18, 2014
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Nov 22, 2010


***Editor's Note:  The following comments were received following the November 20-21, 2010 edition of U.S. Farm Report...


   Since the Irish are a part of the world, I'd hope that their banking/economic situation was just as important as everyone elses. (But I have Irish in me so maybe I'm partial). P.S. Baxter Blacks' stethoscope looks like it's cutting off the blood supply to his head. I'm concerned.(although, like me, he's still able to talk. Good luck w/that old cow!

Peace out,

Martha J.Kelley


   My thanks for you and all the people behind you for the Farm Report. I grew up in Houston but had Grandparents the raised cattle outside of Houston. Taking care of cattle, barbed wire fences, field and forest fires, haying, feeding and constantly checking. Lived the concrete jungle and suburbs Houston and had come to believe that the world was just a place that was nothing but crime, killing, and taking from those that worked hard to live. Your show has installed in me that there still is a great portion of this planet that still works hard from daylight to dark and perseveres for decades and tries to pass this work ethic and self-sufficiency on to the next generation.
Many memories of that time and my struggles through six decades are vindicated. thank you for helping me to find myself again. Age 68, living in the rural mountains of Colorado. Your program and The Last American Cowboy are the fondest moments in my week.
Al Gandy
Florissant, Colorado
   You said this morning that the cosumer has seen no inflation in some time. You obviously don't shop for groceries. In the past year some items have gone up from 20% to 70 %. Our monthly spending for food  has gone up over doubled.   
   Another matter , I don't know why you put any prices or stock quotes at the bottom of the business report as you very seldom get all the way thru it  I get so mad I turn you off.
James Roger Jones
Submarine Veteran
   Another great program today.  I like your market analysis section with different advisers/analysts...should finish corn today, might snow tonight in central North Dakota.  Yielding 120 to 140... all time time high yields, 119 last year, moisture  16 to 18%...will let you know the actual number when we tally up.
Bill Ongstad
Harvey, N.D.

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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

I believe this show is one of the most informative farming programs today. It proves to me that you better be in a continuous learning mind set if you want to succeed in any phase of Agriculture. In reference to Mr. Jones comments about rising food prices ( all true) is that another way prices on groceries and other products have risen is through making the packaging smaller and not changing price. Example--I have bought Sam's Club cat food for years. They just dropped the bag size from 20.5 lbs to 18. Potato chips have dropped from 1 lb bags to 10-12 OZ. Paints have dropped from 1 gal to 4/5th of gal., cereal boxes are now a little lighter. I guess all the manufacturers were hoping we would'nt notice since the price did'nt change.
11:02 AM Nov 27th
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