Sep 18, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Viewers Speak: BLM, Drought & Clean Water

May 07, 2014

 ***Editor’s Note:  The following viewer feedback was received in response to the May 3-4, 2014 edition of U.S. Farm Report…

Viewer Comment #1:   You have one of the best shows on the air. I was prompted by your South and Southwest drought reports to comment that MPR, our local public radio station, has opened online discussions about contamination and our depletion of the water table here, and that it's presumably due to agricultural practices. Much was made to the contrary, critical of city watering and lawn product runoff instead.  I couldn't help but wonder, now that my swamp is a lake, whether retention ponds in right-of-way ditches and other public efforts might store these waters for re-use. In the same way, the Mississippi, Red, Missouri, etc., overflow each spring. Though if managed properly, the flow of those nutrient-filled and algal waters that are poison to Gulf production might be diverted along the U.S. Interstate Highway right-of-ways to reservoirs, during those peak flooding periods. What's poison to the Gulf Coast salt waters are just perfect for drought-stricken fields, right?  The Romans siphoned water over mountains to supply their people; are we something less, some two thousand years later? I'd wish that recycled materials would cover and diminish evaporation losses too, but maybe that's over the top. Do you think you could comment on this idea's feasibility? I sometimes think Congress would rather subsidize imported Chinese water than risk employing Americans for great public works projects now.  Thanks for listening, and for your informative and interesting shows. 

Gregory Clifford - St. Francis, MN

Viewer Comment #2:  John, regarding your comments about the Bundy debacle this week:
1) Why does the BLM  have an "army"?.
2) Why is the BLM engaging in "Land Grab" activities? 
3) Should be the role of the federal government in regards to land ownership be limited i.e. to national parks and buildings? 
Dennis Kurc

Viewer Comment #3:  Hi John, on May 3, 2014 you read from the mail bag a message from what I guess was a farmer who was complaining about the clean water act.  Well if you live in the watershed of the Great Lakes you may have herd of an algae bloom.  There is green algae that grows in Lake Erie and is likely growing in any nitrogen rich water.  This nitrogen is the direct result of farm fertilizers run off.  The reason the government is asking farmers to create a larger buffer area between cultivated fields and any ditch, creek or watershed area on the farms.  You see the algae blooms are toxic to humans and fish alike.  Do you like fish?  Do you ever go Walleye fishing?  Let us not cry about the added buffer to keep the fertilizer on the fields and not in the watershed.  Let us keep Nitrogen out of the lakes. 

James Brancheau

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