Aug 21, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Viewers Speak: Crop Insurance, Land Values & GMO's

Apr 16, 2013

***Editor’s Note:  The following viewer comments were received in response to the April 13-14, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…
#1:  While I agree with your answer to the crop insurance subsidy I think that one point was missed. In my opinion all farm subsidies exist for one reason including the insurance subsidy:  The "Cheap Food Policy".  Our government has maintained this policy since the 1930's. The typical US citizen spends less than 10 percent of the income on food staples. A country with a full belly is more productive and less likely to revolt against the government. In a way it's a socialist program. Thats my point I hope it has some merit.  Christopher Toalson

#2:  I believe I heard "North Dakota Land Values up 42%" on this weekend’s show. I did not have my hearing aids in at the time, I believe that John said something about a value of $5,600 per acre. Please what was reported? Is that a statewide average or just selected eastern ND counties that are now produce corn and beans and virtually little to no wheat? Dan Treinen
#3:  John, your national platform should have turned into a trapdoor when you abused the truth about GMO's with that flippant $4.00 corn remark. Fred Lundgren - Katy, TX
#4:  Dear John, my husband and I are fans of the show and were just wondering your stance on this very subject, however, after seeing your commentary last week, we figured you have not seen this video:
I hope this enlightens you to the dangers of GM or GE food.  Love U.S. Farm Report!
Mike and Jennifer Anderson - Central New York

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