Sep 22, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Viewers Speak: Vet Shortage, Church Choirs & Classic Iron

Jan 09, 2012

Editor's Note: The following comments were received in response to the Jan. 7-8, 2012, edition of "U.S. Farm Report."

#1: I really love watching your show. I don't have a farm, or any acreage, no large animals, just a couple of older dogs and one lazy, rotten cat. I am concerned that the future looks bleak for large animal vets, at least in the area I live, Hamilton County, Tenn. A couple of large animal vets are still active in our area, but are getting up in years and I don't know what the farmers in this area will do when these guys are retired or deceased. I had taken a course a couple of years ago for vet assistant and had hoped to be able to work with a vet's office, but that obviously didn't happen, so I have taken another office job. I don't expect to walk in their door and know everything about all animals, but it would be nice if someone would be glad that I have an interest in learning, but they don't. Our county's Ag Office is not what I expected it to be and really has nothing going on, except master gardening and maybe the County Fair. Is the rest of the country the same way it is here...are we headed to the direction of importing all our food? If so, then this country is in bad shape! Sorry to rant about this, but that would be my dream job, something that I would want to do and go to each day, not because I had to go, but because I want to go. I think people are just lazy now, but they will be sorry one day...just hope they don't realize it too late! Keep up the good work. I really love your show!!!

Ann Heck - Harrison, TN

#2: I just saw your quick piece on Choir Appreciation Week. As I get ready to go to choir practice before Sunday service, I would like to share how choir has influenced my life. I don’t read music but am able to sing a little and absolutely love it. The choir I am a part of allows me to join them and I cannot tell you how much it has enriched my life and my religion. It adds to the Sunday service and Easter and Christmas are very special times for all in our group. The fact that they put up with someone who doesn’t read music yet loves to sing is a testament to the group at Trinity Lutheran Church, Carthage, IL. I am on my way to thank them now. Thanks again for your short piece on the joys of singing.

Tom Holtsclaw

#3:  Dear Friends, Just a note to let you know how much we here on Del-Mar-Va enjoy your program, especially your segments on tractors and country churches, of which we have many. Not knowing whether you're able to share the below (YouTube) Internets video about us, but let us know if we can help, the below link will take you to scenes of one of our region's best kept secrets -- our Eastern Shore Threshermen's Steam & Gas Show that has been held annually for the past 51 years and is held during the first weekend in August.

Sincerely, Frank Bittner  

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