Sep 22, 2014
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Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

1911 Titan Type D

Sep 28, 2012

This tractor is featured for the month of November in the officially licensed 2013 Farmall Calendar.

The earliest International Harvest Company tractors in short supply today, and this Type D 25-hp is one of about two dozen such machines known to exist. The machine weighs about eight tons and is powered by a 25-hp single-cylinder engine that fires only once every 20 revolutions. The tractor has a gear forward and a gear reverse drive, and top speed is about three miles per hour. This machine came fromt a collector in Washington state, who restored it in the early 1980s and then left it outside. Wearing rust and bad paint, the tractor passed through the hands of two other collectors before landing in the stable of Louis Buice, who had it restored by Wendell Kelch. Kelch tore it down completely and rebuilt it from the top to bottom. The tractor is probably the cleanest Type D in existence and is a surprisingly quiet, easy to manage machine.
11 November
The officially licensed Farmall Calendar 2013
Price: $15.99      
By Lee Klancher and Mark Jenson
The beauty of the farm and its machinery take center stage in this sumptuous calendar featuring Farmall's finest collectible tractors in beautiful settings. With tractors from some of the premier collectors in America photographed under the stars, on the farm and in the shop, this calendar blends the latest in photography techniques including HDRs, light painting, and night shots with some of the most collectible farm tractors on the planet. This year's calendar features a large selection of machines from the muscle era as well as the classic favorites from the first part of the 20th century. 
Order copies at anywhere books and calendars are sold.Order direct from the publisher at or call 512-334-9441 
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