Sep 23, 2014
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Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

1913 Rumely E OilPull

Jan 28, 2010


Ron and Lora Lea Miller of Geneseo, Ill., restored this big OilPull.



Long a mainstay in the Advance-Rumely line of OilPull Tractors, this 1913 Model E, or 30/60, shakes the ground with its 13-ton weight when it ambles by. The big tractor was made from 1910 through 1923. Two 10”x12” bore-and-stroke cylinders burning kerosene turned the engine at 375 rpm to give it 50 drawbar horsepower. To control pre-ignition knocking, water was injected into the engine’s combustion chamber. Oil was the coolant in the big front-mounted radiator. Wide extension rims kept the big tractor on top of soft ground.


This tractor was featured in the book “The Farm Tractor: 100 years of North American Tractors” which is available at bookstores and online booksellers and from


The Farm Tractor first published in 2007 by MBI Publishing Company and Voyageur Press, in imprint of MBI Publishing Company and the Quayside Publishing Group. Copyright © 2007,  2009 by Ralph W. Sanders. 

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how can a tractor be built in 1913 when it was made from 1920-1923?
9:41 PM Jan 27th
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