Sep 23, 2014
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January 2011 Archive for Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

Black Hawk Cockshut 40

Jan 28, 2011

After reading the Tailgate Talk article in your November issue about restored antique tractors (John Deere tractors plowing) I had to send these pictures of my Dad's restored tractor (William Brooks from Morrisville, NY).

My Dad's father bought this Black Hawk Cockshut 40 new in 1956, it was used on a daily basis on the family farm. As my grandfather moved on from the farm and my Dad continued to run it he to used the tractor daily. When my Dad sold the farm this tractor is one of the things that didn't go auction!
My Dad restored it about 5 years ago and started going to local tractor pulls and parades (he won 1st place in the first parade he attended). As you can see from the attached photo the pull was a sled with another tractor on it for weight, they started with a small tractor then kept adding bigger ones until you couldn't complete the pull.
Now he is a member of a tractor club, purchased an old 3 bottom plow, fixed it up and attends local plow days.  The photos attached are from the Central New York Antique Tractor Clubs annual plow days.  At one time there were 12 tractors all plowing around the field at the same time until they meet in the middle and the field was done.
Submitted by Verna Kent


1956Black HawkCockShut40

PlowDays2 CanastotaNY


PlowDays3 CanastotaNY


TractorPull HubbardsvilleNY


One of 2,500 Made

Jan 27, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Northwest edition.

This 1975 IH 4166 is tractor of the month owned by Richard Walker and restored by Richard Walker and sons.

1975 IH4166

The tractor was restored by Richard and his sons in 2010. Only 2,500 of this particular tractor were made from 1972 to 1976.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.  

1948 Ford 8N

Jan 26, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Minnesota edition.

1948 ford8N 
This tractor was originally purchased in the mid-1950s by Mr Jacobson’s father. It was then purchased by Mr. Jacobsen’s nephew in the mid-to-late 1970s and fitted with a  belly mower. It was used as a mower for the next 20 years. After sitting idle for a few years, Mr. Jacobsen bought the mower in 2006 and began restoring it over a three year period.

1937 John Deere Model A

Jan 24, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Far West edition.

Tractor of the month owned and restored Warren Gable. 

1911 IHC Titan 25 and Auto Wagon

Jan 24, 2011

This tractor is featured for the month of January in the Classic Farm Tractor Calendar.

What a dynamic duo! A classic Centennial tractor and car make the perfect pair. You’ll seldom see anything like this eye-popping pair of 100-year-olds, both owned by Lou and Regina Buice, Waco, Texas.
The 1911 IHC Titan features a 1-cyl. engine (bore/stroke of 10x15 in., totaling 1,177 cu in. rated at a slow 275 rpm). This mid-size IH model was designed to break sod with a 4-bottom plow. And get this—the Auto Wagon got its name because you could add seats to haul the family to church; remove the seats and it’s a farm truck for hauling!
Both beauties possess prized accessories such as brass light and IHC padlocks. The Auto Wagon sported a 2-cyl. air-cooled horizontally-opposed engine with a top speed of 20 mph. Better buckle up and hand on to your hat!
1911 IHCTitan25 AutoWagon 
Owners: Lou and Regina Buice
Waco, Texas
Lou bought his first antique tractor as a teenager, working at his family’s general store. His is a collection of vintage heavyweight tractor. The Titan was meticulously restored by well-known Wendell Kelch, himself an IH historian/collector.
The world-famous Classic Farm Tractor Calendar from Classic Tractor Fever is in its 21st year of publication with the 2010 calendar available now. They have calendars, videos, books, and much, much, more. Click here to visit their online shop.

Pictures from the Pull

Jan 20, 2011

These photos are from indoor tractor pull at Gordyville, Ill. A lot of dollars under one roof! It is also a good place to meet farmers from different states.


tractor pull 1

tractor pull 2

tractor pull 3



A Pretty Pair of McCormicks

Jan 18, 2011

DSC 0346Two tractors in the shed near his house outside Marne, Mich., remind Lester Langeland of his earliest days farming with his father John. “Sentimentally, these tractors mean more to me than any others—although today’s tractors are nicer to drive,” he says.

“Dad bought the McCormick W-9 in 1946, when I was 19, because the tractor we had wasn’t big enough for our custom threshing business. I drove that tractor so much. We took good care of it, but we just drove it so much we wore out three sets of sleeves and pistons. We kept the tractor for about 15 years. Many years later, a friend told me the old tractor was sitting in a shed in Hudsonville, Mich., so I purchased it from the owner. All it needed to make it look like new was a coat of paint.”
DSC 0325
The McCormick-Deering 10-20 goes back even farther. “I learned to drive on that model tractor, when I was nine years old,” says Langeland. He purchased the tractor (not the same one he drove as a boy) from a neighbor.
DSC 0338
Although he’s retired, Langeland stays busy helping sons Marlin and Merle with the family farm near Coopersville, Mich.

Provided by Farm Journal's Darrell Smith

1963 Allis Chalmers D21

Jan 16, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Iowa edition.

Tractor of the month owned and restored by Jeff Vuello.

Iowa AllisChalmers

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1960 Minneapolis Moline Jet Star

Jan 15, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Missouri edition.

Missouri MinneapolisMoline

Owned by Matt Adam, Bowling Green, Mo.

Restored by Schulze’s Classic Car and Tractor Restoration, Silex, Mo.

Check out the Fastline e-edition by clicking here.

1939 John Deere B

Jan 14, 2011

Featured cover tractor of the month Fastline Michigan edition.  

Owned by Cullen Webb, Wheeler, Mich. Restored by Lyle Davis, Merrill, Mich.

JohnDeereB Michigan 

This tractor was purchased in 1939 by Cullen’s father. Restorations were recently made and Cullen currently uses this tractor to pull hay wagons.

Learn more in the online digital edition here.

1961 International 560 Diesel

Jan 13, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Mid-South edition.

Tractor owned and restored by Lyn Decuir and son Matthew (pictured above), Cottonport, La.

1961IH loisiana 

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1947 Farmall H, a Dream Come True

Jan 12, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Kentucky edition.

Owned and restored by Wayne Glenn, Piner, Ky.


This classic tractor was originally owned by Wayne Glenn’s father, Kenny Glenn, after he purchased it in the early 1970s. As a child, Wayne played on the tractor and later dreamed that he would restore it. After a five-year restoration, that dream has now been completed.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1951 Farmall Cub

Jan 11, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Mid-Atlantic edition.

Owned by Greg Sanders, Jacksonsville, NC.

NC IH Cub 

Restored by Greg and Debbie Sanders

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1958 John Deere 720

Jan 10, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Kansas edition.

Owned by Calvin Shou, Wamego, Kan.


This tractor was restored by Skeet Johnson, Calvin’s grandson. After suffering a stroke in 1991, Calvin lost some of his speech and most of the use of his right side. However, he was able to recover enough to continue farming. In 2000, Skeet took on the challenge of restoring the tractor for his grandfather and when he complete the restoration, he delivered it back to the farm. When Calvin saw the restored tractor he look at Skeet, and with his limited speech he said, “That’s Okay!”

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1953 Farmall Super M

Jan 09, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Illinois edition.

Owned by Ian R. Stahl, Dunlap, Ill.


Restored by Bill Stahl (Ian’s grandfather). This tractor has served four generations. It was overhauled in 1976, painted in 1989, and new tires were added in 1990.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1970 Farmall 1456

Jan 08, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Indiana edition.

Tractor owned by Richard Walker.

 Indiana IH

Restored by Richard Walker and sons, Brian and Scott, Charlottesville, Ind.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

A Tractor Lovers’ Paradise

Jan 07, 2011

Well worth a visit for fans of old tractors is Renwood Fields, a museum operated by retired farmer Stanley Hula at Charles City, Va. Here are some of the tractors in the museum’s collection.

DSC 0029


DSC 0031


DSC 0033


DSC 0038


DSC 0036


DSC 0034


DSC 0037


Visit the museum in the summer and you also can lose yourself in Renwood Fields’ corn maze. Other attractions, such as Jamestown, the Yorktown battlefield and Busch Gardens are just a short drive from the museum. For more information, call (804) 829-5399.


Provided by Farm Journal's Darrell Smith


An Almost All-Edible Tractor

Jan 06, 2011

Tractor Cake

Being a farm wife who supplements the income with decorated cakes, I have no problem meeting some unique demands. A groom who pulls with antique tractors wanted me to duplicate his tractor. No problem. My husband had one sitting in the shed just like it. Everything is edible except the steering wheel.

Photo submitted by Janette Pohlman


Tractor Trendsetters: Cockshutt 30 Tractor

Jan 05, 2011

Written by Larry Gay
James Cockshutt started the Brantford Plow Works in Brantford, Ontario, in 1877 and in 1882 the company was incorporated as the Cockshutt Plow Company. Sulky plows were soon added to the line and in 1905 the company introduced a patented engine gang plow with 8, 10, or 12 bottoms. In 1909 Cockshutt purchased 27 percent of the Frost and Wood Company and the combined product lines included tillage tools, seeding equipment, mowers, rakes, binders, wagons, and carriages.
Cockshutt entered the tractor market in 1928 by selling two models of Allis-Chalmers tractors. This arrangement didn’t last long and Cockshutt switched to tractors built by Oliver. The tractors from Oliver carried the Cockshutt name and were painted red and yellow. During World War II, the company officials debated whether to continue buying tractors from Oliver after the war or to start manufacturing a new design. The manufacturing route won the debate and the Cockshutt engineering team developed a new tractor during the war.
Production of the Cockshutt 30 tractor started in October 1946. The unique feature of the new 30 model was its independent PTO which enabled the tractor to continue to operate a combine, hay baler, or corn picker at the regular 540-rpm PTO speed while the travel of the tractor was slowed or stopped. The independent PTO was controlled by a separate clutch and was not affected by the main clutch for the tractor. This enabled the tractor’s operator to handle varying crop conditions without overloading or plugging the harvesting equipment.
The Cockshutt 30 was rated as a 2-3 plow tractor and was built as a row-crop tractor with dual front wheels, single front wheel, or an adjustable wide front axle. It was also available as a standard-tread tractor with a fixed width front axle. The Cockshutt 30 was powered by a 4-cylinder, 153-cubic-inch Buda 4-cylinder gasoline engine and was equipped with a 4-speed transmission. An optional 2-speed gearbox could be added to provide eight forward speeds and two in reverse. The operator’s station was located above the transmission for good visibility.
Larry Gay is the author of four tractor books and the “Machinery Milestones” articles in Heritage Iron magazine. To learn more about this magazine which focuses on the 1960-1985 era, go to or call 1-800-552-6085.

1966 International 1206 MFD Diesel

Jan 05, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Nebraska edition.

Tractor of the month owned by Humboldt Implement Co., Humboldt, Neb.

Farmall nebraska

Pictured left to right are: Larry Stauffer, Rick Karas and Tim Bowne

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1973 John Deere 6030

Jan 04, 2011

Cover tractor of the month Fastline Northeast edition.


Owned and restored by Jeff Vullo, Colchester, Conn.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1956 Allis Chalmers CA

Jan 03, 2011

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Ohio edition.

AllisChalmers ohio

Restored by Joel Morris of Xenia, Ohio.

Joel restored this tractor in the memory of his grandfather, Alvin Morris. Joel has restored 15 tractors and helps his dad, Jeff, and two older brothers farm.

Learn more in digital Fastline edition here.

1953 Farmall Super H

Jan 02, 2011

Cover Tractor of the Month, Fastline Southeast Edition

1953 Farmall Super H


Owned and restored by Bodine Farms, Auburn, Al.

To see the online eFastline edition, click here.  

1947 John Deere Model B

Jan 01, 2011

Cover Tractor of the Month, Fastline Tennessee Edition

1947 John Deere Model B

Owned by Ray Davis, Estill Springs, Tenn.

Restored by Ray David and Jonathan Sells

JD Tenn

This John Deere has been in the Davis family since 1950. Ray’s grandfather gave it to him just before he passed away about 20 years ago. Ray started restoring it a few years later then complete the task with the help of his sons, Bobby and Anthony. It has been completely restore but not without some difficulties, particularly in finding parts. Ray’s neighbor, Jonathan Sells, painted the tractor.  

To see the online eFastline edition,
click here.  

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