Oct 1, 2014
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Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

Restored this International Harvester 1066

Apr 30, 2009

Darrell Corcoran of Ottawa, Ill., restored this International Harvester 1066, which he rates as his favorite tractor. “I remember when Dad bought it,” says Corcoran, “and I knew the previous owners. I began driving it when I was about 10 years old. I still just love running it. We use for spraying now, but it has planted, it has mowed hay, it has done it all. I’d never sell it.” Shown are Corcoran, wife Lisa, son Cody and daughter Katie. 

Photo by Farm Journal Editor Darrell Smith.

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kg kimball
-nice my neighbor still has the identical one his dad bought in about '75 or late '74..they still use it as a work tractor and it looks good too,,only sad part there dad passed away in the early '80's @ about fiftish--he was best guy and just one of those guys that could make a machine humm,,he could do a good job of getting as much work out of a medium sized machine as someone would with the largest ones...he was picking corn in the snow 1 winter for my dad and got end of finger caught up in corn picker...had gloves on and really cold so he finished fielld before going to hospital,,later he joked it was cold,,couldn't feel it and knew finger was in end of glove--lost the end of one finger...those days you blamed yourself and didn't sue new idea or whoever you could
9:11 PM Jun 12th
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