Sep 18, 2014
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Your Precious Land

RSS By: Mike Walsten, Pro Farmer

Mike Walsten has covered major business trends in agriculture for more than 40 years.

Clues From Recent Land Sales

Nov 26, 2008

Mike Walsten
Some good, some 'no sales' describes current action in the auction market. As always, there is interest in quality land. But farmers are more cautious. Some auctions are cancelled because bids fail to reach seller expectations based on summer highs. Here are some recent sales from across the Midwest:

Ohio: Allen County. 104 acres north of Lima; FSA direct corn yield 113 bu., soybean yield 36 bu.; Tract 1: 37 acres, mostly all tillable, $3,919 per acre. Tracts 2-5: 68 acres mostly all tillable, 10 acres woods, $2,897 per acre. John R. Nixon, Schrader Real Estate & Auction Co., Inc., 419-236-2516, Wapakoneta, Ohio.
Indiana: Allen County. 78 acres southwest edge of Monroeville; Tracts 1, 4 & 5: 40 acres; 32 acres mostly tillable; 8 acres wooded; $4,500 per acre. Tracts 2 & 3: 38 acres; 34 acres mostly tillable; 4 acres wooded; $4,650. Jerry Ehle, Schrader Real Estate & Auction Co., Inc., 260-749-0445, New Haven, Indiana.
Illinois: Henry County. 365.5 acres north of Woodhull; 331.4 acres tilable; 215.4 corn base acres with 125 bu. direct yield; 109 soybean acres with 43 bu. direct yield; Tracts 1-3: 250.5 acres; 248.1 acres tillable; $6,295 per acre. Tract 4: 55 acres; 51.7 acres tillable; about $4,324 per acre. Tract 5: 60 acres; 31.6 acres tillable; about $3,167. Jim McRell, Farmers National Company, 309-289-2540, Dahinda, Illinois.
Iowa, Marshall County. 213.5 acres southwest of Liscomb; 204.8 acres tillable; CSR 72 (75.9 county average); 50:50 corn/soybean bases with 128 bu. direct yield for corn and 41 bu. direct yield for soybeans; $5,000 per acre. Jerry Lage, Hertz Real Estate Services, 515-382-1500, Nevada, Iowa.

Iowa, Pocahontas County. 271 acres southwest of Pocahontas; 263 acres tillable; CSR 78.4 (74 county average); 133 corn base acres with 121 bu. direct yield; 126.5 soybean direct acres and 26 bu. direct yield; $5,525 per acre. Jon Hjelm, The Acre Company, 712-262-3529, Spencer, Iowa.

Iowa, Adair County. 80 acres south of Stuart; 70.3 acres tillable; CSR 72.6 (56.9 county average); 35.5 corn base acres with 104 bu. direct yield; 34.8 acres with 36 bu. direct yield; $3,800 per acre. Marv Huntrods, Hertz Real Estate Services, 515-382-1500, Nevada, Iowa.

Minnesota, Blue Earth County. 162.2 acres northeast of Amboy; 161.2 acres tillable; 93.8 corn base acres with 115 bu. direct yield; 67.4 soybean base acres with 37 bu. direct yield; $4,970 per tillable acre. Wingert Realy & Land Services, Inc., 800-730-5263, Mankato, Minnesota.

Nebraska, Dawson County. 313.3 acres north of Overton; 305.2 acres tillable; 216 corn base acres with direct yield of 116 bu.; 38.3 soybean base acres with 30 bu. yield; 23.2 wheat base acres with 38 bu. yield; $2,205 per acre. Robert Polk, Farmers National Company, 308-237-2601, Kearney, Nebraska.

Kansas, Seward County. 240 acres near Liberal; Tract 1: 80 acres; 40 acres dryland wheat; $780 per acre. Tract 2: 160 acres; irrigated 157 acres tillable; 133 corn base acres with 80 bu. direct yield; $2,225 per acre. Cole Owens, Farmers National Company, 620-276-4424, Garden City, Kansas.
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Bill Acord
I find very little information from the West. Is this more of a Midwest Web Page?
1:23 PM Dec 2nd
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