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Sep 19, 2014
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August 2012 Archive for Ag Pictures

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From time to time we receive interesting pictures from Members that tell the story of their lives, ranging from crop conditions to everyday happenings. We'd like to share those pictures with you: E-mail Meghan Pedersen to have your photo or video considered for this blog, including your location and a short caption.


Putting a Face on Ag

Aug 30, 2012

On Aug. 20, the Corn Farmers Coalition began posting ads in Washington D.C. metro stations that feature real farm families with fact-based messages about modern corn production. The goal of the campaign is to educate lawmakers and those tied to them about modern agriculture, the value of ag and the changes the industry has undergone. More specifically, the Coalition explains the that American family farmers "are achieving this remarkable productivity with fewer resources and while making great progress in protecting the environment."

With the ads, the coalition hopes to help decision makers at the nation's capital put a face on family farmers with images that are easy to consume and understand. The following are some of the ads used as part of the campaign.


CFC2012 RoederFamily10 NJDaily

CFC2012 Lonier90 RollCall Mech

CFC2012 Lamoreux20 Hill Mech

CFC2012 Hardin44 CQToday Mech 2

CFC2012 Cantrell95 Politico

From Farm Tragedy to Farm Safety Legacy

Aug 13, 2012

With harvest quickly approaching in the Corn Belt, it's a good time to think about farm safety. It seems fitting to dedicate a post to a Marilyn Adams, a woman who has dedicated a quarter of a century to educating farm children and families about farm safety and health so they do not have to experience the tragedy she saw first-hand when her son died in a farming accident. Her story follows.

Keith    Adams Photo

Keith Algreen, Marilyn's son. 

In 1986, Marilyn's 11-year-old son, Keith, suffocated in a gravity flow wagon of shelled corn while helping with harvest on the family's Iowa farm. Marilyn channeled her grief by founding a nonprofit organization a year later, Farm Safety 4 Just Kids (FS4JK), whose mission is to "promote a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries and fatalities to children and youth."

The organization has grown from a one-woman campaign to an organization with more than 135 chapters and 3,000 members that serves both the U.S. and Canada.

FS4JK  Conversing

Marilyn with chapter members and staff at the 2011 Chapter Training Conference held in Des Moines.

Marilyn received recognition for her efforts in 2008 when she was named America's Greatest Hometown Hero and grand prize award winner in the Volvo for Life Award. This award included a $100,000 donation to FS4JK and a new Volvo every three years for life.

2008Volvo AwardWinner   MarilynAdams VolvoXC90  Willis

Volvo names Marilyn America's Greatest Hometown Hero. Marilyn in her Volvo XC90, presented by Willis Auto Campus in Des Moines.

Marilyn retired from FS4JK in June this year which also marks the charity's 25th anniversary. She will remain on the board of directors and will continue to speak at related engagements.


Marilyn's retirement party, accepting an award from past Board Chairman Burt Kross.

Marilyn has also written a book titled Rhythm of the Seasons: A Journey Beyond Loss.

Rhythm of the Seasons A Journey Beyond Loss

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