Jul 10, 2014
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RSS By: Meghan Pedersen, Pro Farmer

From time to time we receive interesting pictures from Members that tell the story of their lives, ranging from crop conditions to everyday happenings. We'd like to share those pictures with you: E-mail Meghan Pedersen to have your photo or video considered for this blog, including your location and a short caption.


Educate Consumers Via a Peek into the 'Real' Farmville

May 04, 2012

It is becoming more and more obvious that the American consumer wants to know where his or her food comes from, but ironically, the average citizen is more disconnected to the realities of agriculture than ever before.

As illustrated by the recent lean finely textured beef fiasco where producers were caught off guard by a smear campaign backed by a wealth of factual inaccuracies that spread like wildfire via the Internet, it is crucial that producers be proactive in educating consumers about how the food on their plate is produced and why certain practices are used. Social media and the world wide web provide them with an access to do so.

Today's post features an example of one woman's efforts to do just that. Val Plagge uses her Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids blog to share where she is from (north-central Iowa) and the fact that she is "proud of where I am from and what my family does to provide food, fiber and fuel for people all across the world."

Val wears many hats, including that of a farmer, a farmer's wife, a stay-at-home mom and an independent leadership and event planning contractor. Her May 4 blog post, supplemented by photos, follows.

Farm Friday

By Val Plagge

This week we have been loading in and out several loads of hogs and trying to get some planting done between rains. Due to the rain, we have only been able to be in the field two days this week.

05 04 12 Hogs

Here is a picture of some of the pigs that arrived this week. We start raising the pigs after they have been weaned from their Moms (sows). At this point they are usually 10 to 14 days old. We get most of our weaner pigs from farrowing (birthing) farms in Canada.

 05 04 12 Corn

Welcome to my backyard! Here is a picture of the corn in the field that surrounds our acreage. This corn was planted on April 17. This stage of development for the corn is called VE (Vegetative Emergence). If you look closely at the photo you can see the start of the first leaf of the corn plant. After the vegetative stages in corn, corn has reproductive stages. I'll continue to document the growth of the corn "in my backyard" each week of the growing season.


 05 04 12 LP  05 04 12 Dog

LP loves being outside, and this week we weren't able to be outside as much as we wanted. So LP moved his step stool over to the window in the living room and used it to look outside. He would stand on it for over a half hour at a time just talking and waving to our dog, the trees, rabbits, birds, etc. As you can see in the photo of our dog, Bailey, LP would have gotten really dirty playing outside most of this week! Now I don't mind and actually encourage LP to get a little dirty, but I draw the line when our dog looks half black, half golden.

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