Sep 21, 2014
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How Much Sulfur Should I Apply To Corn-on-Corn?

Jan 25, 2011

Question: How much sulfur should I apply to corn-on-corn? What is the best way to broadcast it, can I put it in with my preplant 28%/harnass?

Answer: A 200 bu/A corn crop has a sulfur (S) uptake of about 30 lb/A S and an actual removal rate of around 15 lb/A S. In recent years there has been a greater yield response to applying sulfur for corn production. Soil fertility specialists believe the sulfur response is increasing because of the reduction of sulfur atmospheric deposition (cleaner air, less pollution). Also, fertilizer sources are cleaner (less incidental sulfur in them) and there are fewer manure applications. Broadcast applications of sulfur are common. There are several sources of dry fertilizer products that contain sulfur: ammonium sulfate (AMS 21-0-0-24S), K-Mag or sulpomag (0-0-22-11Mg-22S), elemental sulfur, some MicroEssentials products, and several others. Liquid sources of sulfur can also be used. Liquid AMS (8-0-0-9S) contains 9 lbs of S for every 10 gallons applied. Liquid ammonium thio-sulfate or ATS (12-0-0-26S) contains nearly 29 lbs S for every 10 gallons applied. Application rates are often between 15 lb and 30 lb S/ac. Select a product that best fits your other fertility program needs. For example, in corn-on-corn we are also trying to break down residue with a broadcast application of ammonium nitrogen (AMS, for example). If you apply 150 lbs of AMS per acre you would get 30 lbs of ammonium N per acre to help with residue breakdown and would be getting 36 lbs S per acre. Refer to your herbicide label for compatibility issues when adding a liquid sulfur product to your weed-control program.
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