Oct 1, 2014
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You Can Address Marestail Control This Fall

Sep 24, 2010

Question: Could you please tell me what will kill marestail? The neighbor has it in his soybeans, and it is spreading over into our farm.

Answer: The majority of marestail emerges in the fall; however, some can also emerge in the spring or early summer. It is best to control marestail in the late fall or early spring. An application of 2,4-D ester in the fall will greatly reduce marestail populations the following spring. If you cannot apply in the fall, make a spring application when the marestail weeds are less than 2-inches tall. The combination of 2,4-D ester and glyphosate is a very effective and economical treatment. Keep in mind that many populations of marestail are ALS resistant and some are glyphosate resistant. Ohio State University has a great extension bulletin with more specifics. See the following link:
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