Apr 18, 2014
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AgFACTS Friday

Apr 14, 2011

Tomorrow is AgFACTS Friday! I’m sure by now you have heard all the buzz about AgFACTS, Inc. The new non-profit foundation started by college students that is working to set the record straight about agriculture. The student team began working on this project about a year ago and has recently launched the campaign in full with the mission "To eliminate the separation between production agriculture and the general public by educating Americans about the basics of agriculture and the vital role it plays in their daily lives."
 AgFACTS Friday, a nationwide event hosted by the organization, will be celebrated on several college campuses including Texas A&M University, University of Florida, University of Missouri, College of the Ozarks, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, Mississippi State, Kansas State University and Clemson University.
According their Facebook page, AgFACTS Friday is "A campus event aimed at improving the image of agriculture by: Educating college students about where their food and clothing come from, providing facts about the vital role agriculture plays in our daily lives, and exposing students to the genuine values held by agriculturalists."
I am extremely proud of AgFACTS and the work that they are accomplishing. AgFACTS Friday will reach thousands of students and will represent agriculture in an extremely positive light. Witnessing the work of such talented students gives me faith in my peers.
For more information about AgFACTS Friday check out their Facebook page or the AgFACTS, Inc. website.

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