Sep 19, 2014
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So God Made A Farmer...

Feb 06, 2013

By Julianne Johnston


That moment when you are watching the Super Bowl and an overwhelming feeling of pride comes over you because you can relate to an ad. That is a moment I didn't expect to have last night. The lights had gone out on the Super Bowl, but agriculture was ON FIRE when Ram Trucks declared 2013 as the "Year of the Farmer" with a two-minute spot featuring a series of stark photos of farmers at work, narrated by the late Paul Harvey, whom delivered this "So God Made a Farmer" speech at the 1978 National FFA Convention.

I was on my smart phone, tweeting away, sharing on facebook... and I wasn't alone! Within minutes of the ad, #sogodmadeafarmer was "trending" on twitter. "Trending" means that more people were tweeting about the ad than the Super Bowl game itself for around 20 minutes. That's a big deal. And it was all positive... that's an ever BIGGER deal. Here's some of the tweets:

Elizabeth BT ‏@eburnsthompson
#1 in my opinion! :) RT @JuliJohnston: #sogodmadeafarmer #3 ad from #super bowl so says today show.


Jessica Decker ‏@jessicadecker12
Just watched #SoGodMadeAFarmer for the 4th time. I think it gets better each time.

Chris Heins ‏@FarmerHeins
Incredibly humbled by the #soGodmadeafarmer commercial. That, folks, is exactly why I do what I do. Thank you, Dodge, for that moment.



Lindsay Calvert ‏@lindscalvert
Everyone should read #sogodmadeafarmer tweets to understand the ag illiteracy we face. Share your story!


Mike Howie ‏@MikeHowie
Total silence in our house for #SoGodMadeAFarmer commercial. Paul Harvey. Awesome.

NBC's Today Show picked "Farmers" as the third best ad of the night, but this morning ABC's Good Morning America said it was the #1 ad on Facebook last night, calling it "the super bowl ad everyone is talking about."

Ram Trucks... you delivered a game-winning touchdown for agriculture last night. I'm looking forward to more of this in 2013!

For more, read what farmer-blogger Val Plagge had to say about last night's ad. She reminds that every time you watch the Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial, the National FFA receives $1, up to $1 Million. She also has a full transcript of Harvey's speech included in her blog post.


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