Sep 20, 2014
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August 2008 Archive for Corn College

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Check back on this blog for information about the event as well as reports from Corn College.

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Audio Reports from Attendees

Aug 11, 2008
Listen to the following audio reports as Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer interviews Corn College attendees.

Pennsylvania farmer, pictured with father, Homer
Todd Rankin
Tennessee farmer's cooperative
saleseman and agronomist
Tom Peters
Illinois farmer
Washington farmer
Dave Annis
Illinois equipment salesman
Amie Bandy
Iowa crop consultant
Mark Arends
Michigan farmer
Gannon Von Gilder
North Dakota seed salesman

Cortney Markham, New York farmer

Brian Watkins, Ohio farmer

Pat Marron, Illinois farmer
Steve Berger, Iowa farmer
Clare Kinlin, Field Agronomist for Syngenta Seeds
Colby Decker, Illinois farmer
Joe Schubert, Ohio seed salesman
Robert Boyle, Arizona farmer

A Dream Come True

Aug 01, 2008
After years and years of working out of a tiny hole-in-the-wall office and making-do, I’m grateful to have a facility like our new Crop-Tech Consulting office. It makes a world of difference and is a long-term dream come true—not to mention, a testament to sweat equity and being patient.
The facility—and the ground that surrounds it—is the key to being able to host the Farm Journal Corn College, something Charlene Finck and I have been kicking around for several years. We’re always looking for ways to share the information we get from the Farm Journal Test Plots, and Charlene is always after me to figure out more ways to provide farmer’s access to me, the plots and the information that can help farmers do a better job of growing things.
Beyond being the hub of our consulting operations and hosting events, the facility will let me do satellite meetings without leaving the building. That’s something we intend to integrate into the Corn College efforts down the road, so stay tuned.
Hope to see you next week at the Corn College—and maybe you can give me some tips on how to improve this place.
-- Farm Journal Field Agronomist, Ken Ferrie

Farm Journal Corn College
Aug. 5 -6 and Aug. 7 -8
Registration is $400—a bargain, considering how you can use what you learn to add incremental bushels to your corn yields. You can register by calling 800-909-3681. You can also fill out a registration form and fax it to 319-277-7982.
Get yourself to one of these hotels the night before, and we’ll have a free shuttle to get to the Corn College and back. The meals, including a steak dinner, are included.
While you’re at the Corn College, be sure to vacuum up the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) credits, too.
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