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Sep 17, 2014
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April 2014 Archive for EcoPragmatism

RSS By: Sara Hessenflow Harper, AgWeb.com

Sara is the Director of Sustainability & Supply-Chain Solutions for Vela Environmental, a division of Kennedy and Coe, LLC where she leads the firm's CSO On-Demand Services.  This blog explores the topic of agricultural sustainability -- including the market forces and hidden drivers propelling it from a pragmatic and solutions-oriented point of view.  Follow Sara on Twitter: @SustainAgViews expressed are solely those of Sara Harper.

A Guide to Useful Twitter Sustainability Sources

Apr 09, 2014

We are living in the age of massive information overload.  Never before has information been so accessible -- with content easily created and instantly disseminated to wide audiences through handy sites like Twitter and Facebook to name just a few.  The advantages of all this free-flowing information sharing are numerous.  It is easier than ever to expand your horizon about pretty much any topic you can think of -- without having to trudge through big research libraries (like I used to have to do!)  The challenge, however, is that it is hard to keep up with all that sharing -- and hard, sometimes, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

As I have been building new sustainability service lines, I have dived into the deep end of the Twitter pool to both connect more with people and groups about ag sustainability topics -- and as a way to check the pulse from important sectors like food retailers, market research groups, food companies, farmers and activist groups about the latest sustainability news of the day.  As we decided which information we would share and re-post from others on our Vela Twitter and Vela Facebook accounts, we found that we were also creating in essence, a filter of sorts for the massive amounts of sustainability information getting updated every minute of the day.  We even wrote up an overview of our criteria for what kind of information followers could find on our sites.  In my experience, taking the time to find consistently good "sharers" of quality information pays off in multiple ways down the road.  You never know when a key insight shared in just a few concise words will help you become that more efficient or help you add value to your business because you were aware of an emerging trend.

So, for those of you interested in following what I consider some of the best sources for sustainability updates, articles, information and trends -- I have compiled a listing (with links) of just a few of the groups I have found to provide real value, for you to investigate.  The larger point here really is how important it is to find a trusted filter of information -- or to become one yourself as a way of adding value to your clients and customers.  The list below is by no means complete -- think of it as a suggested starting place for good, regular updates on sustainability.  Happy hunting!

Valuable Twitter Feeds to Follow on Sustainability:

Sustainability News Sources:

GreenBiz (@GreenBiz)

Triple Pundit (@triplepundit)

3BL Media (@3BLMedia)


Corporate Sustainability Supply Chain Info

Sustainable Brands (@SustainBrands)

Rabobank Group (@RabobankGroup)


Ag Sustainability Academics

Kansas State Univ Soil Microbiologist Chuck Rice (@cwrice)

Univ. of Arkansas Office of Sustainability Executive Director & Prof of Ecological Engineering, Marty Matlock (@martymatlock)

Conservation Technology Information Center at Purdue (@ctic_tweet)


Farmers/Farm Operations and Groups with helpful sustainability information

Fair Oaks Farms (@fairoaksfarms)

Tom Farms (@TomFarms)


















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