Sep 21, 2014
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Farmers Feeding the World Mobile Exhibit Tour

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Follow the Mobile Exhibit on its tour.

Tractor Fascination!

Jun 29, 2011

Tractors have been the source of fascination for boys since the beginning of their creation. Even this boy in Chicago who possibly had never seen a tractor in real life was so thrilled that when he noticed the CASE IH tractor at our exhibit, he literally ran to give it a closer inspection. Once arriving at the tractor he summoned his family to hurry over as well. Moments like these refuel our belief that we will be able to inspire consumers to support American agriculture,  possibly one tractor fascinated boy at a time.


A Father's Wisdom

Jun 28, 2011

We overheard this father teach his son a little something about farming while they were checking out the CASE IH tractor and I wish I had it on film!


Father   Son


Son: "Daddy, if you're a farmer that means you grow food for other people?"

Father: "Yes son, you plant a big crop so that others can eat too!"



Check Out the Engine on That Thing!

Jun 27, 2011

Some of our favorite conversations of the weekend involved the CASE IH Steiger 600 series tractor that we had on site with our exhibit. Several conversations began with the tractor and how giantly cool it was and then transitioned to meanigful discussion about agriculture's sustainability, efficient food production and what it will take to close the productivity gap. These visitors were especially interested in the engine on the tractor and thoroughly enjoyed us popping open the hood so that they could have a closer look.


Disposable Income & Food Dollars?

Jun 25, 2011

Our rockstar MC took the time to explain to these teens what disposable income is and how American agriculture makes it possible for them to spend less of that money on food than in other parts of the country.

Disposable Income


"The money that you have left over after you have paid your rent, your utilities, all of your other bills. That money is called disposable income and in the United States we are able to spend less of that money on food and proper nutrition than in several other areas throughout the world."

More Than A Buzz

Jun 24, 2011

Chicago might have been a buzz yesterday afternoon, but downtown was likely in a rumble as the CASE IH tractor that will be accompanying our exhibit this week arrived downtown during rush hour.


caseIH Chicago


We were turning heads!

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