Sep 17, 2014
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Four Seasons of Fun

RSS By: Kristina,

Kristina grew up in a small farming community in southwest Iowa. Today, she lives on five acres in the country while running her own consulting business in the city.  Her website,, features homemaking, gardening, travel, entertainment, business and technology tips. In the kitchen, Kristina bridges the recipes of her past to the new flavors and fashionable foods of today. In business, she combines a Midwest work ethic with trendy tech tools.  Join her each week for flashbacks and fast-forwards. To contact her, e-mail:

China - Soybeans or Baked Beans? plus new recipes

Jun 29, 2014

For those of you who missed it, earlier we shared the story of a conversation Jo Windmann, the Agweb Web Producer and I had about how we were Getting in Trouble with Naughty Nurses.   You can link back to read but to shed a little more light on that…. – the problem came with the Naughty Nurses Tex Mex Meatloaf recipe.  There were just too many similarities in that recipe name and Naughty Nurses XXX.  As near as we can tell – even though there were not three X’s in Tex Mex  - two were enough to trip Google search engines.  So basically we had to remove the keywords for Google related to those posts – a bit of a mess!  And - the trouble didn’t end there.  I also found we were getting a ton of hits from China…?!

Now, when it comes to websites, some people will tell you all traffic is good traffic.  I guess I don’t agree as in this case I had a hunch we likely needed to make some more adjustments as this just seemed a bit odd.  So, in looking at the reports I first tried to assess….  Are they going through my site to see what’s going on with Agweb?  Maybe going to Agweb and then wanting to see what’s going on in our house?  Are they trying to get insight from Agweb to fuel their plans to cancel shipments of soybeans?  Are they looking for recipes to make really great baked beans?   Certainly we want anyone in any country to visit us but I was becoming more and more convinced this Wasn’t traffic related to a sincere interest in our site but – dare I say….. a little suspect.   Well, after some head scratching we determined this was the work of a spiderweb – which is a tool that is used to pull information OFF websites.  Most commonly it is used to gain contact information and, as you can imagine, it is not always used with a "best interest" focus.  So yes, we made some adjustments to safeguard against this "bot" activity out of China.  No fears for those who subscribe as they didn’t get to that – they were just after the surface level information.

Truly in the middle of all that I began to wonder What in the world am I Doing here?  Not to sound Charlie Brownish but what a way to spend a day.  I was thinking perhaps I should just shut the whole thing down.  I mean seriously? – getting in trouble with Naughty Nurses coupled with fighting off cyber attacks out of China?!   It seemed a little much when just trying to live it up in the land of four seasons of fun.  But, as the solution to the problem surfaced, I was reminded of the words in a Daughtry song – all that I’m after is a life full of laughter.  Seemed even in This there was something to laugh about – after all, the only thing China would get from kristinashouse IS a recipe for baked beans so??????  LOL

Needless to say - as a result of all this clean up we had our hands full and did not get our post out during the height of flu season for Grandma’s Homemade Chicken and Noodles.  We've seen in this years reports that there were those who kept looking to see if we had gotten that one up so, our sincere apologies!  But, rest assured, as we have it all ready to go for next year so stay tuned………….!   In the meantime, check out these new recipes from and watch for our next post "you are not getting fat"

  Jenny’s Black Bean and Corn Salad

  Dawn’s Roasted Vegetables

  Kristina’s Spinach Dip

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