Sep 20, 2014
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Four Seasons of Fun

RSS By: Kristina,

Kristina grew up in a small farming community in southwest Iowa. Today, she lives on five acres in the country while running her own consulting business in the city.  Her website,, features homemaking, gardening, travel, entertainment, business and technology tips. In the kitchen, Kristina bridges the recipes of her past to the new flavors and fashionable foods of today. In business, she combines a Midwest work ethic with trendy tech tools.  Join her each week for flashbacks and fast-forwards. To contact her, e-mail:

Getting in Trouble with NAUGHTY Nurses

Jun 26, 2014

I had a chance to visit with Miss Jo Windmann the AgWeb Web Producer recently.  We were talking through all things website related.  I am sure none of you missed us but, we did take a bit of a break after the first of the year.  Jo was curious how things were going and what was going on during our brief hiatus.  I said, "Well Jo, we were getting a lot of hits from people that were googling for……….."  but then I didn’t finish the sentence.  Jo was like – well what Kristina?  I said, "Well Jo, give me a second.  Let me reframe this to sound more professional.  Let’s just say we needed a break to take care of some "programming issues" behind the scenes at kristinashouse."   This still Did Not satisfy Jo’s curiosity so here is the story I told Jo about how we were Getting in Trouble with NAUGHTY Nurses.

The trouble began when looking at the yearend reports for our website.  These are reports that show what people are looking at, how many people visit, what they search for through Google to find the site, etc.  They are helpful to review in order to see what people are looking at so we can post more of the recipes and articles that seem to be most popular.

In reviewing the reports it was exciting to see that we were getting a TON of hits on our posts for Naughty Nurses BBQ.   Naughty Nurses BBQ is a competition level BBQ and catering company located in Kansas and run by my second cousin Greg and his wife Kristie when they are not working their day jobs as nurses.  We were thinking Wow we need to run more things with Greg and Kristie!

But, on closer review of the reports we realized the hits to the site were coming from visitors who weren’t necessarily on the hunt for good BBQ and catering but instead for Naughty Nurses XXX. 

So, to step back to my conversation with Jo – I mean my goodness – now you see my dilemma - I just Didn’t want to say That Word to Miss Jo!  But……., being savvy and anchored in her sense of humor Jo totally got where I was headed anyway.  We LOL and I said, "I know right?  I mean gosh Jo, I can only imagine those visitors were like Geesch! this is the WORST Naughty Nurses site EVER!"  I went on to share that the best LOL was the visitor who came in with a Google search for "naughty nurses  xxx" and went on to step through the site and print a cookie recipe!  So basically….. we needed to spend some time on a refresh to our keywords for search engine optimization through Google to ensure we were getting traffic from those looking ONLY for recipes, bbq and catering.  After all, Greg and his wife Kristie are the only true naughty nurses on our site and they are only naughty because of their sense of humor.  And anything my sisters, cousin and I who run the site may do that would be considered in the "playground" of being naughty nurses would be for SOs Only!  Enough said!  (Big grin)  LOL 

There’s actually more to share on what was going on behind the scenes at that time so be sure to tune in for China – Soybeans or Baked Beans?  And be sure to stay tuned for some new things that we along with Miss Jo have plotted and planned – we have that giveaway and some other things right around the corner.  But, in the meantime – go get in trouble by getting your naughty nurse on and make the recipes posted below from Naughty Nurses BBQ.  LOL   Kristina

  Naughty Nurses BBQ Cottage Pie

  Naughty Nurses BBQ Tex Mex Meatloaf

  Naughty Nurses BBQ Perfect Peanut Butter Pie

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