Jul 24, 2014
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From the Editor

RSS By: Brian Grete, Pro Farmer

Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete takes time to talk with Pro Farmer Members about some of the key issues in each week's Pro Farmer newsletter.

Big changes at Pro Farmer and here comes Market Rally radio!

Feb 07, 2014

Hello Pro Farmer Members!

We've got some big changes coming at Pro Farmer! Since April of 1997, I've been responsible for the news pages in Pro Farmer newsletter and to help set the editorial tone of the news coverage in all of the Pro Farmer services. It has been unbelievably rewarding and humbling. And for much of that time, I've worked with Pro Farmer Sr. Market Analyst Brian Grete on the newsletter... he being responsible for the analysis and advice pages while I handled the news.

With a busy travel schedule for both of us, our On-line Managing Editor Julianne Johnston has covered for Brian as he covered for me on more than one occasion. Between Brian, Julianne and me, we've filled the pages of Pro Farmer newsletter. Of course, it takes more than the three of us to keep all the issues straight. LandOwner editor Mike Walsten is a regular contributor along with farm policy analysis from Associate Editor Meghan Petersen and Washington Consultants Jim Wiesemeyer and Roger Bernard. And most recently we're getting more coverage on input prices and trends from Inputs Monitor Editor Davis Michaelsen. As you can see, it's a team effort at Pro Farmer to provide the news, information and analysis you need to make smart risk-management, business and farm policy decisions. It's a responsibility we take very seriously.

And that team will remain in place, but there are some changes coming. Most important is Brian Grete will be your new Editor. Most of you know Brian and you know you can trust his news and analysis judgment. He knows what's important to you... he'll be a great Pro Farmer Editor.

But just because Brian will be your new editor, you're not getting rid of me! I'll still be a regular contributor to the newsletter and will chime in on risk-management advice, farm policy and the stuff that really matters to you. And I'll be branching out into the world of farm radio.

Starting March 10, Market Rally will be on the air! Market Rally is a brand-new 1-hour radio talk show that will focus on markets, markets and markets. (Did I mention we're going to talk markets?) It will air live starting at 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (some stations are planning to delay broadcast until later in the day). If you're in the Midwest, you'll most likely be able to listen to it live on one of the many farm radio stations. If you can't get it on the air, you'll be able to listen to the show on-demand on AgWeb.com. But listening live will give you the real value of the show.

You know how most market information is a one-way flow... it comes from wire services and analysts to you. Market Rally is going to change it up a bit. We'll start with a quick (very quick) recap of the day's action, including a live talk with a trader from the CME to get a feel from the floor. But you all know what happened today isn't nearly as important as what might happen tomorrow. That's what we'll be talking about with a guest analyst in the second segment of the show. We've already talked with some of the biggest names in farm market analysis about being on the show, and all of them are not only willing, but seem excited to be a part of the daily discussion. We'll rotate the views of analysts like Brian Grete, Arlan Sudderman, Dan Basse, Jerry Gulke, Kevin Van Trump, Mark Gold, Brian Bastings, Tommy Grassafi, Ken Morrison and Chris Barron (to name a few) on Market Rally. And over time, I'll work in some of the smartest minds in ag market analysis that you might not know... but after talking with them on-an-off for the last 26 years, I know they're good at what they do.

Here's where Market Rally will turn information into a two-way flow. Every day, we'll open up the phone lines, Twitter and e-mail to your questions and comments. Sometimes it will just be me taking questions and comments... but most of the analysts we've talked with are willing to stick around to take your questions and to respond to issues that you think are more important than what we've discussed on the show. I'll admit... this segment of the show is what I'm looking forward to the most. Talking with Pro Farmer Members is always what I've enjoyed the most... and now I get to do it every day.

And (of course) I can't help but to give a few of my own views on what's happening in the markets. The conversations we have with guest analysts won't be what you're used to seeing and hearing. If I don't agree with an analyst's view or opinion, I'll challenge them to convince me that I'm wrong and they're right. If you know me, you know I won't say I understand something if I don't. That's where confusion comes from. I hate confusion. By the time I'm done talking with guests, you'll understand exactly what they think of the markets.

Again, it has been an honor to be Pro Farmer Editor for nearly 17 years. But it's time to do something new... and Market Rally is exactly what I want to do.

And this means we'll bring some new blood onto the editorial team with new opinions and experiences to share with you! We don't know who that person will be yet, but we're looking for the right person to add some analytical horsepower to the team and to lead the risk-management advice we deliver to you. Obviously, it's an important role on the Pro Farmer team. We'll find the right person with the right goals - to help you make the best farm policy and business decisions you can make.

That's it for now...

... have a great weekend!

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