Aug 22, 2014
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From the Editor

RSS By: Brian Grete, Pro Farmer

Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete takes time to talk with Pro Farmer Members about some of the key issues in each week's Pro Farmer newsletter.

Frustrated about LFTB

Mar 23, 2012

Chip Flory

From The Editor

March 23, 2012

Hello Pro Farmer Members!

I'll admit... I got a little frustrated on the front page of Pro Farmer this week and let go with a bit of a rant. It is absolutely ridiculous that the same groups that question how beef is produced in this country are now complaining the industry does everything it possibly can to recover, harvest, utilize... whatever you want to call it... every piece of meat from a beef carcass.

This "pink slime" controversy is another crusade by those that question everything about meat. It's really lean finely texture beef (LFTB) -- meat that is mechanically removed from trimmings to use every bit of meat from a carcass.

It's somewhat hard to believe, but like we reported in this week's newsletter, industry sources say it would take another 1.5 million head of cattle each year to replace the LFTB's contribution to the food supply. That's amazing. If consumers think beef is expensive in the meat case now, just wait until the equivalent of 1.5 million head of cattle is removed from McDonald's, Walmart, Safeway and Kroeger. This is definitely a case that consumers and these so-called consumer-protection groups had better be careful what they ask for.

Of course, the groups crusading against LFTB are getting exactly what they want. Make beef expensive enough that it prices meat out of the average consumer's diet.

The headline I put on the story was "Get ready for more all-beef hotdogs." Packers and meat processors will undoubtedly make use of the LFTB in one way or another and hotdogs seems like the logical choice, right!?!

That's it for this week...

By the way, my son Thomas did great at last weekend's steer show. His steer Tank was third in his class! Not good enough for a run to place in the overall market beef placings, but we were really happy. Tank weighed 1050 last weekend and is gaining almost 4.7 lbs. per day. He's an easy-keeper with a great attitude! (Tank that is... not necessarily Thomas!)

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- Formoso, KS
You need to contact Diane Sawyer with ABC Nightly News...her program was one of the ones that led the misinformation.
4:57 PM Mar 26th
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