Sep 17, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

A 'New and Irreversible Dust Bowl Looms'

May 28, 2013

You'd like to think this piece from Britain is hyperbole, but for those of us caught in the Southwestern drought, it has the ring of prediction. Whole ranches have sold off their cattle in places like Texas and New Mexico. As a really sad example of how bad it is in some places, this story is not about some little deal with a few cows in the backyard; it's a bonafide, established commercial operation encompassing 180,000 acres without enough groceries, apparently, to keep the humane society folks at bay.

The Rich Are Different from You and Me: They Like Buffalo and Prairie Dogs

San Fran has an interesting story about the range war between ranchers and the bajillionaires who regard cows as unnatural.

COOL Rule: Now with the Plaudits

We grazers just report what is said, mostly, and last week what we mostly had was the negative reaction from the folks—like NCBA and AMI and others—who actually understand how the meat business works to USDA's implementation of Country of Origin Labeling regulation.

But, the fact is, there is also a lot of support out there from consumers—well, consumerISTS, anyhow, and the less trade-friendly elements of the cattle industry. The NFU, for instance, is all heart-flutter about it.

A sampling of other coverage:

American meat labeling laws bolstered; Canadians indignant (Grist)

Many in Wyoming applaud new meat labeling decision (Casper Star-Tribune)

New meat-label rules take effect (The Arizona Republic)

U.S. meat labels to detail animal's origin; Canada, Mexico raise concern (Washington Post)

Eat One

A hamburger, of course! It's National Hamburger Day.

Where's your favorite local burger?

Reason to celebrate (as if we needed one)

Why eating hamburgers is patriotic

Other Bits from the Net

Where Stupid Is a Crime

This is from Australia, but it provides a glimpse into how animal welfare laws might impact what we always thought of as mere mismanagement.

Hey, R-Calf Guys!

These stock pickers rate Tyson as a buy. No surprise there, since they're getting rich stealing cattle.

Again With the BEEF COSTS A LOT! Headlines

Well, so does our WSJ subscription. But it's worth it.


Ag Gag Takes Another Hit

HSUS gets involved.

Montana Debates Wolf Season

...and of course, it's got people stirred up.

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