Sep 30, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

A Rock and a Hard Place

Sep 12, 2013

That’s what the U.S. district judge wrote in her decision against a COOL injunction. Politico offers an explanation of the court decision, offeringing that the judge’s hands are tied because COOL is in a law mandated by the farm bill. However, the article stops short of covering all sides of the issue, citing "U.S. ranchers ... are happy."


NCBA was one of the groups that filed for an injunction, and happy is not in their current vocabulary when it comes to COOL. Colin Woodall says that NCBA will continue to support industry-led voluntary labeling. He said the injunction was just one of many avenues the organization is pursuing to "get this fixed."

The American Meat Institute says it will appeal the ruling, according to Hoosier Ag Today.

Here’s Agri-Pulse’s take on the matter.

In related news, AMI and the North American Meat Association are considering a merger.

Beef: It’s What’s for Lunch

Lean finely textured beef is back in school cafeterias in four states, and others are expected to follow, Sioux City Journal says. However, the product can’t seem to shake the moniker "pink slime," which is again, making headlines. The Huffington Post and Politico both employ their full range of scare tactics, saying the product is unsafe and comes from scraps of cattle carcasses. If you take the time to read their versions, be sure to click on News Busters take ... it will leave you in a better mood.

Milking the Farm Bill

Since the Syria situation has moved from the front burner to the "wait and see" side of the stove, you might be hopeful that Congress will act on other pressing domestic matters. But don’t hold your breath. Democratic rep Collin Peterson is suggesting the USDA begin the process of implementing the 1949-era dairy policies that would take effect on Oct. 1 if a farm bill is not passed. Peterson’s scare tactics would result in milk prices doubling, and might act as a wake up call, he says.

Sen. Tom Harkin thinks the current farm bill will probably expire before Congress agrees to anything. That probability is becoming more and more likely, as House leaders can’t even come to a vote on funding the government.

Perhaps if this all comes to pass, the demand backyard milk cows will increase. Looks like it’s time to dig out that milking stool from the attic. Who all has practiced their milking techniques lately?

Watered Down Science?

Michelle Obama has a new platform to take to the American people – drink up! After all, her school lunch mandates have been so popular (enter sarcasm here) that it’s time to move on to another topic. The only problem is The Atlantic doesn’t think her advice is founded on good science.

Bits and Bites ...

Brownfield Ag News has the details on today’s USDA corn production estimate.

If you’re looking for a job this weekend, the Seattle Seahawks are hiring undercover cops to help control unruly fans. But there’s one twist – they will be wearing the opponents’ jerseys.

The House transportation committee introduced water resources development legislation. Congress is getting so much accomplished these days, we’re certain it will pass ...

Moo quietly, please. Employers better hope their cows communicate at a whisper after a French court ordered a pig farm to pay damages to a farm worker who said he went deaf because of the pigs’ squealing.

We couldn’t resist offering Bloomberg’s next installment of "everything you ever need to know about crop insurance" series. Somehow, we think they are leaving out the "everything" in their reporting, like one important fact: keeping food affordable.

Vegan bacon bits? Isn’t that an oxymoron? The Huff Post has a list of other surprising vegan foods. Admittedly, some of these are very tasty ... as a side dish or dessert to our steak!

Fledgling livestock producers in Kazakhstan could boost Canada’s cattle industry.

Cargill gets a new CEO.

Need a smile? Check out these new ads outing the HSUS from


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