Sep 20, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Adapting to Change We Don't Believe In

Jun 11, 2013

This Grist writer has our number. USDA is leading us into the era of climate change even though poll after poll (and conversation after conversation, judging by our farmer friends) says most us don't think it's happening.

You Don't 'Need' Help. You Just Want It.

You can read whatever you want to about the immigration bill. Our interest, of course, is in agriculture's need for guest worker labor. This guy from National Review says we don't need labor at all. We just "want" it. He says that's science.

The other coverage is about the chances of the thing making it out of Congress in one form or another.

CBS News

ABC News

Farm Bill: 'Late and Lame'

The farm bill means different things to different people. To Grist, it's too bad the locavores and fruit farmers get short shrift.

To NCBA, it's good to see progress without a lot of infringement on rights.

To us at GTN, it's a good excuse to offer cattlemen a YouTube video illustrating a smart dog's way of dealing with "treats" from the government.

And, to more general media, it's mostly a political story.



Bloomberg business

Big Chicken

JBS, already wearing the biggest hat in beef, has donned the biggest overalls in the chicken industry, as well, MercoPress reports.

More UnCOOL Retaliation

More publications are weighing on the possibility of a trade tiff within NAFTA.

International Business Times

The Santa Fe New Mexican

More from the Internet Range

Trent Loos Says We Let Him Down on the Ag-gag Movement

The popular columnist and radio commentator says the ag media got it all wrong and that helped opponents define the debate.

Australia Sets Another Export Record

Global Meat News reports.

Donut Sandwiches

A glazed sloppy joe? Somehow, we don't think Mark Bittman will approve.

CSPI Gets It Right?

Buy Beelzebub a parka before the big freeze. CSPI is right on this issue.

The New York Times Explains Global Not-Warming

The New York Times finds several experts to explain why global warming seems to have quit warming the globe.

Range Conditions

Most folks are having a much greener summer than they did last year.

This Story Isn't About Cattle or Beef

But we just can't quit reading it.

A P.S. on that Dry-Cooked Steak

We promised last week to try Chef Michael Mina’s recipe for dry-cooking a porterhouse and report back. We tried it. It was good, but no contest with a regular old mesquite-grilled T-bone.




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