Sep 16, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Court Cold to COOL

Sep 11, 2013

Today, the U.S. District Court denied plaintiff’s request for an injunction blocking COOL implementation. The decision comes with cheers and jeers from people in the industry. Here’s a roundup of what’s buzzing on the decision.

Canadian’s iPolitics says the labeling rule is costing the Canadian pork industry $500 million annually, and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association pegs losses at $750 million-plus.

National Farmers Union is pleased with the ruling, supporting consumers’ desire to know where their food comes from.

One Step Forward ...

And hopefully not two steps back. Vilsack says the house plans to vote on a nutrition bill next week. That would be the "other half" of the farm bill that made it through before Congress took their "vacation."

Singer/FarmAid founder Neil Young has jumped on the farm bill bandwagon, says the Washington Post.

Syria has taken top billing on matters that matter this week in Congress, but it’s also complicated things when it comes to commodity markets. AgWeb looks at the Syria factor and how the recent heat and long term drought are affecting markets.

Here’s the 3rd leg in Bloomberg’s series on crop insurance.

Rubber Band of Expansion

Experts everywhere have commented on the smaller cow herd, possible expansion and how long the process will take. Here’s a few new thoughts on the subject, some with the glass half empty, others half full:

Drought could impact industry for years

Lack of water for cattle to drink could hold back expansion

Kansas cattlemen finally making a profit

Russia is helping producers expand with $10 billion dedicated to rebuild

Breakfast Upgrade

Who needs pigs for bacon and sausage when you can have beef for breakfast! McDonalds has jumped on the beef band wagon with a new breakfast sandwich. You can now order your Egg McMuffin, Egg & Cheese biscuit or ANY McDonalds breakfast with steak. Replacing pork with steak is considered "upgrading" your breakfast and costs a little bit more. Cost aside, we like the idea that adding beef to breakfast is a way to "upgrade" your morning.

Beef prices in general will feel an "upgraded" cost, as the lack of Mexican cattle pushes prices higher.

In a related note, a North Wales McDonalds had a royal visitor this week.

Under Fire

USDA is taking more heat on its program to speed up processing and replace some government inspectors with company ones. said six USDA inspectors spoke out against the plan. Food Whistle Blower go so far as to say the plan is a disaster waiting to happen. Learn all you want about the issue courtesy of Washington Post TV’s story.

In a related matter, has a petition to "help bring a meat inspector home." An Iowa USDA inspector was reassigned to a packing plant 120 miles away from his home when he "blew the whistle" on inhumane pig slaughter practices.

Why Eat Meat?

That’s a question the Boston Globe is asking. The one-sided narrative cites the good life that vegans and vegetarians live. Our question is ... does the growing acceptance of vegetarianism have anything to do with the skyrocketing popularity of energy drinks?

Other News Bites ...

The Huffington Post says agriculture should get top billing at the UN Climate Change talks, citing water use and drought.

Cyndi Young with Brownfield Ag News gets "real" when it comes to big ag and PETA.

Read about Eastern Europe’s "meat war."

The test-tube burger was big news earlier this summer. How about an artificial egg made from plants?

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