Aug 31, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Drivers Beware!

Nov 06, 2013

If you're driving in New York, keep your eyes peeled for cows on the road. One driver didn't and was using her cell phone when she hit six—yes six—cows crossing a rural road. She almost hit the two farm workers that were mooooving the cows, too. The offender, Daisy Cowit, was given four separate tickets after the wreck. After learning of Daisy's last name, we wonder if perhaps she was playing a game of tag, as in "Cow-(you're)-it!"

New on the Job

We've never met the Reuters reporter P.J. Huffstuttler, but she is becoming one of our least favorite writers when it comes to ag news. Today, P.J. writes about Cargill's decision to label any beef products that contain finely textured beef. Ok, that's a legitimate news story, the AP version is even posted on AgWeb's site (despite sneering at AP's use of the words "pink slime uproar" in the title). The real issue with P.J. comes not so much from her regurgitation of an AP story but with  an article published last Sunday called "U.S. farm kids lavish shampoos and drugs on their prize cattle." Not only does the article paint a very degrading look at youth showing steers and heifers at major stock shows, it has its fair share of inaccuracies, like comparing beta agonists with human growth hormones. And the title is enough to throw any 4-H momma in a tail spin.

We "googled" P.J…..turns out she just went to work for Reuters as an agricultural reporter. Her bio says "big city girl with farm roots covering ag issues." Why are we not surprised?

The Nays Have It

Voters struck down a ballot initiative in Washington state yesterday that would have required labels on food with genetically engineered ingredients. TIME romantically reports that people "would rather not know what’s in their food." Is it that, or perhaps a little education went a long way and people aren't as concerned about GMOs? Or perhaps they were more concerned with the added stress the labeling would put on their wallets?

Boyfriends, Listen Up

The next time your hungry, been-drinking-all-day girlfriend asks to stop at McDonalds, we’d stop. And at the very least, if you let her drive (remember, she’s been drinking all day), don’t be standing in front of the truck. A Tennessee woman was arrested last week after she ran over her boyfriend for refusing to eat at McDonalds. Apparently she drove over him three times. Wonder what she would have done for a steak?

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