Sep 21, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Farm Bill Fault

Jul 02, 2013

A Huffington Post writer cogitates on the fault that has opened between the food stampers and farm supporters who've always bridged their way to farm bills. One modest correction: Food stamps originally went into the farm program because they were supported by farm groups, including the cattle lobby, for less-than-altruistic motives. Fact is, the food stamp programs allow millions of people to eat better than they would otherwise, and that is positive for beef demand.

Grow Yards Going Away?

The cattle report makes a good and not-often-made point about the fate of grow yards—the guys who make it their business to turn sale barny calves into risk-worthy feeders, a job most feedyards prefer to avoid.

The grow boys are facing several challenges. There are fewer calves, and higher percentages of them are being preconditioned at home. That makes feedyards hungrier and more willing to do things they'd really rather not. Top that with the high price of feeds—especially roughages—and last year's market tumble, and you've the makings of what a business analyst might refer to as "poor long term prospects" for growers.

Give Us Drones

Some folks don't like the idea of drones at all, but Kansas' Jerry Moran says agriculture could make good use of them. He's got a a pretty good point, too. How sweet would it be to sit by the air conditioner and have drones flying around the place looking for feral hogs or lions? Or herding cows?

Bellyache News

The CDC released data shedding a bit of light on the derivation of foodborne illness. Beef comes in behind poultry and fish, but remains imperfect.

The best story we found comes from Food Safety News.

Here's the whole shebang if you've got the time.

Again...No Cow Flatulence Jokes Here

But Science Daily has a pretty good report on how technology reduces greenhouse emissions.

Water Wars, Oregon

Klamath Falls farmers and ranchers are reduced to street protests in their quest for water.

Steal a Cow. Go to Jail.

This gentleman ran afoul of the TSCRA rustler hunters and finds himself looking at a smooth 15 years in a Texas prison.

We All Love EPA

This particular activist can't believe elected representatives would have the gall to challenge EPA's release of CAFO owners' private information. He says farmers shouldn't try to hide behind home-based business addresses, anyway.

First It's Horse Meat, Now It's TB Cows

You’d think a people who eat blood pudding would be more forgiving, but fast on the heels of their hidden horse meat dustup, the UK is having a bit of a media rodeo over the fact that it is legal to eat meat from cattle identified as having TB. Just because it's safe, doesn't mean it sounds good. Are we paying attention on this pink slime side of the Atlantic?

Chimps? Check. What’s Next?

You wonder how it works? After years of effort, the animal rights groups finally pressured the administration to forbid the use of chimps in medical research. Got them declared endangered, by golly. Even the ones bred in captivity for generations. So what's next?

Locavoring Is Hard

These folks are having a hard time finding anybody to process their cattle in Silicon Valley.

From the Department of Why Didn’t We Think of That

This fellow is asking for donations to send longhorn cattle to Israel. Needs $500,000.

Hearning Loss May Be Treatable.



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