Oct 1, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Farm Bill 'Unfriendly to Competition'

Jun 17, 2013

Sometimes, you have to wonder what’s in the water in the Northern Plains. Here’s a story from Casper that quotes everybody in the beef business except people who think they're in the beef business. They, in general, lament the farm bill's failure to outlaw forward contracts. We’d heard that issue was dead in D.C., and apparently that’s exactly the problem these folks have.

New King of Beef?

Argentina abdicated the throne. So who is the next king of beef exporters?

Who, Us? 'An Industry that Thrives on Ignorance?'

You'd be well advised to save your free story chits on this New York Times editorial. Like too many of their editorial team efforts, it is all heat and no light. They say all CAFO information should be public because CAFOs thrive on ignorance.

A Voice for the Trabajadores

Most of the immigration commentary we see on our daily rounds comes from folks who spent too much time in college and offices. Baxter Black, on the other hand, hits it right in the middle. He should get serious more often.

A View from the UnCOOL Side of the Border

The Western Producer explains how the government and producers there view USDA’s new COOL regulations.


Know More; Eat More

That, anyhow, is the tenor of this report. If Europeans knew more about their meat, they'd buy more of it.

Speaking of Meat Ignorance...

The Washington Post has a primer on buying beef. Maybe they should share it with Europe.

Des Moines Register: No Free Lunch for Farmers

The paper's editorial page says requiring conservation programs to justify federal subsidies just makes sense.

Immigration's 'Christmas Tree'

If you're a foreign ski instructor or among some other senator’s favorite donors, the Senate immigration bill has a gift for you, says USA Today.

Senate’s Chicken Language Lays an Egg

The Daily Caller thinks the gummit should keep its bill out of the fowl business.

Organics: Yes or No?

Wall Street Journal has a couple of "experts" expounding on whether organic foods are safer or healthier or better or something else that science hasn't been able to demonstrate.


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