Sep 23, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

GMOs: Yep, They're Safe

Feb 21, 2014

Dr. Steven Novella is widely known as a scientific skeptic, though he's also a neurologist at Yale University. Scientific skepticism is the practice of questioning whether claims are supported by empirical research and have reproducibility. In short, Novella and those like him follow the science. And the science says GMOs are safe. Mother Jones interviewed Novella this week to help sort out fact from fiction about GMOs. "Almost everything I hear about [industrial agriculture] is a myth," says Novella. GMOs, he continued, "is not the panacea, nor is it a menace; it's just one more tool that has to be used intelligently." So, is it okay to feed GMOs to food animals? "To date," says Novella, "the reviews conclude pretty universally that there's just no health risk."

What are Chipotle's Values?

"What kind of values would inspire a corporation to wage a smear campaign against America's farmers?" We, along with a lot of farmers, have been asking that question for a while. California farmer Ted Sheely reminds us that Chipotle's marketing campaign, which includes the video "Farmed and Dangerous," is nothing more than propaganda.

Lindsay Abrams writes on that Chipotle's "Farmed and Dangerous" – while designed to "convey a broader sense of the company's values" – is nothing more than a long and expensive advertisement. She thinks the "anti-industry message is refreshing, until you remember that it's something you're being sold by a $16.5 billion corporation." We'll agree with the last part of that sentence.

Grazing for Sunsets

Yesterday we told you about the unofficial 7 best places in the world to view a sunset, according to the web site Green Landscapes.

We noted the only place in the U.S. that made the top 7 was the Kansas Flint Hills. We like that choice, and it's one of our favorites. But we know we're biased, so we asked you to send in sunsets from your ranch. Here's what we've received. Keep sending them, and we’ll add yours to the slideshow!

Click here to send us your sunset shots.

U.S. Continues to Lose Farmers and Farm Acreage

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack addresses the preliminary findings of the new farm census at USDA's Agriculture Outlook Forum. The data show a decline in farmers and land used for agricultural purposes.

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