Sep 15, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Help Wanted: Cowboy

Jul 19, 2013

If times are getting a little tough on the ranch, the town of Fairfax, Virginia, is in need of a cowboy after an "urban farmed" cow got out. We’re not sure what’s funnier...the idea that she eluded police for three days, or the vernacular used to write about the cow that "was pretty hormonal." Many of the neighbors mistook the cow for a bull. After all, it has to be a bull; it has horns! The Grist and SF Gate have all the moo-ving details.

Who Said Nothing’s for Free?

Wondering where your $1 per head goes? All Beef Checkoff meetings during the Cattle Industry Summer Conference are free to attend for "investors," aka those who paid their $1 per head. All kidding aside, go see what your money is doing for our industry.

Looking for Grass? Try Indonesia

After beef prices shot up, Reuters reports Indonesia has opened its doors to unlimited imports of live cattle. Previously, a quota was in place to help protect the domestic beef industry. According to The Guardian, Australia stands to cash in.

India’s Answer — Make the Teachers Eat It First

India’s lunch room tragedy occurred in one of its poorest states, where families depend on the free school lunches to feed their kids. Now the government has implemented a new "food safety" requirement—make the teachers taste the food before it is served. The Guardian has the details.

Another Victim of the Drought

Arkansas ranchers are dealing with an old foe—blackleg. The nasty clostridial often rears its ugly head in times of drought, when cattle are grazing closer to the ground.

Progress in Washington

Finally! Those inside the beltway are getting something accomplished. Is it the Farm Bill? Immigration? No, but they named a new head of the EPA. And it only took 136 days to do it, says Grist. The environmental-slanted pub even offered the new head honcho their own sarcastic "good luck!"

Politico says farm bill negotiations are ongoing, with the Democratic ag chair "confident" a new farm bill will emerge. We’re more than a little skeptical, but at least the discourse has brought new attention to the matter. Economists offer a few varying viewpoints, thanks to Agri-Pulse. And not everyone says the food-farm split was a bad thing.

Domicile Delusion?

Nothing like driving out to your lakefront weekend house to mow and discover the house is missing. Fort Worth contractors hired to demolish a dilapidated house apparently bulldozed the wrong address... Yahoo says the city calls it "a mistake." Ya think?

Your Friday Warm-Fuzzy-Feeling

Here’s a list that many of us can relate to: 25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids To Know.

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