Sep 20, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Here, Piggy Piggy

Nov 14, 2013

Feral hogs are a huge problem for land owners. Trapping, aerial shooting and hunting have all been methods used to reduce their population. However, each is somewhat labor intensive. But now you can trap your hogs via cell phone. These oh-so-smart traps signal users when a hog is at the gate via a text and photo of the approaching hog. A simple reply by the user opens the gate for the hog. Now that is some porky technology.

Frozen Furry

McDonalds is catching a little heat from a photo of a frozen McRib. The photo shows a box of the popular Mickey D’s menu item looking more like the track off a bulldozer than pork ribs. Apparently the public is in shock! Really? What were they expecting? McDonalds replied saying what made the McRib popular is its "fun" shape. Just like a burger patty is formed to be round and flat, McDonalds forms the iconic McRib in the shape of traditional ribs. For those connoisseurs who thought the McRib was truly a small slab of boneless pork ribs, maybe they should eat some really good BBQ more often.

Stuck on Food

After some farm bill optimism after the government shutdown, it appears the glass is now half-empty. A farm policy expert says that food stamps is the sticking point of disagreements. It’s unfortunate that our nation’s farmers and ranchers are left holding the proverbial grocery bag. We know there was a lot of ruckus after Republicans offered to split food stamps and farm programs, but we also hate to see the lack of a farm bill.

Escaped Aussie

Some West Texas deputies thought dispatchers had been on the job a little too long when they radioed about calls of a kangaroo hopping down the highway. It took several deputies to help the owner corner the 4-ft tall pet before it was captured. For a minute, we thought they might have to call in some cowboys to rope the Aussie.

Wino Idea

Do you ever wish you could invent or discover something that would be adopted the world-over as a great device? Then, you could spend the rest of your life reaping the monetary benefits of it, perhaps on a beach somewhere? Or even your back porch? Well, this Argentinian car mechanic may have just done that. But what he’s developed is a little odd, especially for a mechanic.

It’s a device to save a baby stuck in the birth canal. Apparently this mechanic got the idea from extracting a cork that had fallen in a wine bottle. And he applied the same idea to removing a stuck baby. He says the idea came to him in his sleep. Here’s the kicker—his idea is being hailed by doctors and is headed to production. Hmm ... maybe we should drink more wine after all.

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