Sep 21, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

No Farm Bill?

Aug 02, 2013

Could that be true? Yesterday key Senators used the "F" word – Failure. Today is the last day Congress is in session before taking the month of August off, and there’s mumblings that no farm bill, not even an extension, will happen before the September 30 deadline. Really? Is this the political version of foreplay each side uses before ultimately coming to some kind of agreement on the last day of September at 11:59pm?

Mainstream media has plenty:

New York Times: G.O.P. Push to Slash Food Stamps Puts Farm Bill in Jeopardy

The Guardian: House Republicans propose $40bn food-stamp cut in farm bill standoff

MinnPost: Peterson predicts Farm Bill doom                   

Much of the conversation focuses around food stamps, and how cuts to the program would affect Americans. Sadly, they don’t seem to understand no Farm Bill will have devastating affects for more than those on food stamps.

Congress also has to fund the government by the end of September, says the Washington Post, or government shutdowns take place. Somehow we think this will take priority over a little farm bill.


Farming Beyond the Grave


A government audit reveals farm programs are not exempt to poor record keeping. According to the New York Times, millions are paid in subsidies each year to farmers who have died.

Duty-Free Across the Sea

Europe has extended an agreement with the States to import U.S. hormone-free beef, duty free. The agreement, first signed in 2009, is now extended through much of 2015, Reuters says. High quality beef exports in the last year were valued at $200 million.

Burger Nation

Technomic reports that consumers are eating burgers more than ever before. Consumers expectations are transitioning to a higher quality, more customized eating experience.

Wasteful Spending

Food waste is a national problem, although many in mainstream America don’t think twice about tossing leftovers or some fruit gone bad. A recently released study showed food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers disposed of more than 4 billion pounds of food in a single year. The blogger, Mom at the Meat Counter, highlights food waste in our homes. These are interesting reads and might prompt a few to realize how much money we are throwing away simply by not planning our meals and grocery shopping accordingly.

Roswell Aint Got Nothing on Missouri

Have the Roswell aliens returned? With a taste for beef? Police in this Missouri community haven’t ruled it out. CBS St. Louis has all the mysterious details.

A Moo-ving Idea

A little good news is emerging from the fast food wage strike that hit many large cities this week. Although McDonalds, KFC and others have not officially responded (that we know of), The Daily Beast highlights a Detroit fast food shop where the starting pay is $12/hour and most employees average $14/hour.

The cool thing? We really like the name of this joint – Moo Cluck Moo. In fact, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy. What 2-year-old can tell their parents they want "Kentucky Fried Chicken?"  But they can all say "Moo Cluck Moo!"

Other News Bites...

Iowa horse processing could begin as soon as Monday, the Des Moines Register reports. Today, a U.S. District Judge is hearing legal arguments on a request to block a New Mexico plant from opening. The ruling could pave the way for future plants. The Albuquerque Journal has the details.

Up for a Weekend of Beauty? How about a bird poop facial?

Not your thing? Then how about letting snails roam all over your face for an hour excreting an anti-aging slime.

Garden not doing too well? Never fear. Here’s a recipe for Weed Soup from PBS.



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