Sep 30, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Rich Guys and Ranchland

Apr 08, 2013

Rich guys and ranchland
Forbes has a nice story  about rich guys buying up ranch land and it includes a list of 25 properties you might consider if you're looking to expand.

It talks about "boutique ranches," which would those that offer 1% to 2% returns. With the current investment climate, that's pretty good stuff and one reason land prices have been so silly the last few years.

We can wring our hands about this--these bajillionaires are not always as good as the neighbors they replace--or we can see it for what it is: opportunity in another guise. Once the new wears off, these guys will need management and renters--and that provides rich promise for young people. They may never be big land owners themselves but there are tons of absentee-owned land  looking for good management.

New Mexico's "Worst year ever"
Drought news from  New Mexico.

Eat it. Like it.
The Des Moines register has a pretty balanced look at the problems with the Obama administration's effort to change Americans' long-term eating habits through school lunch programs.

Deep thoughts from Hollywood
You'll certainly want to review the thoughts of actor Ryan Gosling who has been educated about dehorning by no less an authority than PETA.

Poultry conquers the burger joints
So when you think of places like McDonalds and Burger King, you think of hamburgers, right? Wrong. Think  chicken. The number of chicken offerings surpasses the number of burger offerings at the big chains and, according to this article, it's getting worse. Changing tastes and beef prices to blame.

"Sacrosanct" horses "absurd"
The Yakama Nation would like to kill some its horses and their spokesman has a point

Better living without chemistry
The NRDC honors a pig farmer.

Other news
North Dakota will test Idaho cattle.

Our own Sara Brown offers some good advice to Missouri cattle growers.

COOL argument from Reuters

The comments are of interest on this  story about public lands ranchers' winning a battle in their ongoing war with BLM and activists over wild horses. The comments, as of this writing, lead one to remember the saws about winning battles and winning wars.

Oregon voters may have turned down marijuana legalization last year, but that doesn't keep their elected representatives from wanting to honor a microbe responsible for a more socially acceptable recreational drug.

More cows for NY

The organization formerly known as the Texas A&M Extension service is considering ways to get heifers cycling sooner. One of these days the drought will lift and we'll need knowledge about those things maybe.

What America needs is more sand on the beaches, more stars in the skies and more packing plants. Good luck to these guys, but they sure are getting into a tough business.

Turns out that when PETA folks say animals and humans are ethically equivalent, it's good they don't take in orphans.

The NY Times Ken Bittman continues his crusade against taste buds.

There has been much talk about the GMO rider in the spending bill. As you might guess, Mother Jones writers don't like it.

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