Sep 16, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Send Them Beef!

Aug 07, 2013

Red meat exports in June enjoyed the highest numbers thus far for 2013. Although challenges still exist, key markets like Japan and Mexico are enjoying plenty of U.S. beef. Overall, exports rose 8 percent and were valued at $562.3 million.

Corn Exports Lagging

After decades of dominance in the export markets, U.S. corn has fallen to just 20 percent of the world export market share. National price supports via the ethanol mandate, drought and rising global demand met by other countries gave U.S. corn a back seat to Brazil and Ukraine. This year’s bumper crop is expected to return U.S. corn on top for global exports, but our years of dominating the market are over. AgProfessional has the details.

EPA Blinks

The EPA is reducing the amount of ethanol required by the Renewable Fuel Standard to be blended into gasoline for 2014, Reuters reports. Refiners complained they were hitting the "blend wall" where more than 10 percent of ethanol would be required to be blended into gasoline. Exceeding the 10 percent mark could damage older automobiles.

The cattle feeding industry is opposed to the ethanol mandate, and lobbied hard in Washington this year for its repeal. The EPA’s move signals some admission there is a problem with the RFS. With corn growing by the minute in the Midwest, it will be interesting to see if this flinch by the EPA has any affect on the markets.

Lab Burger: A Vegetarian’s Delight?

Admittedly, we’ve seen enough press about the lab-grown burger. But here are a few things that we couldn’t pass up.

The Daily Beast reports that since the lab-grown burger was developed without "harming" any animals, perhaps commercialization of the product would bring back some vegetarians from their self-imposed meat ban. However, the article does mention that the meat tissue was grown using fetal bovine serum, a product rendered from the slaughter of pregnant cows. ….hello….?

Want to add your two cents about the lab-grown burger? The Denver Post has an online survey asking if you would eat the test-tube burger.

Can’t sleep?

The Huffington Post has a list of 8 foods that could keep you laying awake at night. A not-so-flattering described steak is on the list, warning you should not eat a ribeye just before going to bed. No problem, we’ll eat supper a little earlier. We beef lovers shouldn’t be too disappointed. Some vegetables are also on the list, as well as spicy food, french fries, chocolate…basically anything tasty!

News on Food Safety?

A judge will hear a bond request from two horse processing plants tomorrow. The processors argue they should be reimbursed for expenses after the HSUS request for an injunction against the companies was put in place by a federal judge. We think the news in this piece is who is reporting it – Food Safety News. Knowing that horse meat is used for zoos and exported to other countries for human consumption, and the safety of consuming horse meat overseas is not at issue…isn’t it interesting a website dedicated to  food safety puts this story at the top of their website?

Affluent Fast Food

The Grist reports that wealthier Americans are more likely to eat fast food. And the younger crowd has more taste, and presumably less time, for the drive-thru variety meals.

Other News Bites...

Obesity rates have declined in several states for low income, preschool-aged children, says the Washington Post.

Research shows high-fat distillers can be fed to growing dairy heifers.

Fox News asks, Soda: Public Health Enemy #1?

How about a Taco Bell Waffle Taco for breakfast?

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