Sep 20, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Stall Tactics Working

Aug 15, 2013

Score one for the HSUS when it comes to horse slaughter. The Iowa processing plant that had received a permit for horse slaughter is now focusing on cattle. The president of the business said he can’t afford to wait on the courts to sort things out. "We have to get back to work," he told the DesMoines Register.

COOL update

We might know sometime in September if country-of-origin labeling will be coming to a grocery store near you. Nine beef and meat organizations are suing for an injunction against the ruling, and a federal judge is expected to hear arguments later this month, says Oklahoma Farm Report.

Although China is cool to U.S. beef, the Aussies are soaking it in. Quartz provides some insight into China’s new taste for beef, and what our cattle producers are being left out of.

Eye to the Fed

It’s worth keeping an eye on the business journals this next month. Bloomberg reports the fed chairman will likely reduce its $85 billion in monthly bond purchases. Better-than-estimated corporate earnings along with lower unemployment numbers have the fed hinting at reducing stimulus measures. Not only could this have an impact on interest rates for big borrowers in agriculture, it could signal a caution toward purchases for the consumer.

Farm Bill & Immigration: Our 2 Favorite Topics

With food stamps squarely centered in the farm bill debate, one might find it interesting that about 25% of those eligible for benefits don’t sign up.  The Huffington Post has the details.

Even though the immigration bill is still up in the air, Vilsack announced today $40 million plan to provide housing for farm workers. The plan is the only national source of construction funds to buy, build or improve housing for farm laborers, Agri-Pulse reports. Loans and grants can go to individuals, corporations or various agencies to provide multi-family housing for workers. That is, provided, that an immigration bill passes allowing farm workers to work.

Policio offers some hope on immigration when Congress returns from their break.

Marketing to Millennials

As millennials are making more and more purchasing decisions, including in the grocery store and at restaurants, perhaps our industry should take a good look at what drives them, what their preferences are and what they consider when they make purchases. Although the article from Ad Age is more about tennis shoes and electronics, insight into this generation could guide us as food producers.

Animal Mania

Looking for some variety in your lunch? If you’re in London, you might consider a pestaurant with worms, ants and grubs on the menu.

Extra time on your hands? This story from the Denver Post is an interesting read. Do camels really store water in their humps? Will a copper penny in a bird bath prevent algae? Read on for answers to these and other conundrums that we’re sure have kept you up at night.

If you visit a Chinese zoo, pay close attention to the animals. Zoologist just might be trying to fool you. Such was the case when they attempted to pass off a dog in the lion exhibit., reports The Atlantic. What gave it away? When the mastiff/lion started barking…

Need for a diaper for your lap chicken? We thought so. The Denver Post has the details on an entrepreneur who can fix you up.


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