Oct 1, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

The Farm Bill Gets Started. Yawn.

May 15, 2013

You've got to go looking if you want to read about the Senate Ag Committee's new farm bill. None of the major papers have anything out front this morning. Too much news on Angela Jolie to waste space on an object so unshiny, we suppose.

You can read what Official Cowdom thinks of this dough from which Congress will eventually knead a policy that will impact all of agriculture--including the eating segment--for the foreseeable future here.

Preach to the mirror. Please

It's seldom that we'd recommend the New York Time's beefaphobic columnist Ken Bittman to anybody seeking advice, but we hope he read his own column this morning. He begins by warning against snap judgments based on intuition and incomplete evidence and, without taking back any of his anti-beef crusade, actually says that even sugar has its place.

That's good. That's true. It's like he's preaching to his scare-mongering ownself there for a minute. But then, darned if he doesn't turn around and do it again. This time on Monsanto and the dreaded "superweeds."

They aren't "superweeds." They are resistant to Roundup. They still die if you plow them or hoe them, just like they did before Roundup. And the ground behind the plow still washes away or blows away, just like it did before Roundup made reduced tillage workable.

Oops. "Scientific consensus" does another U-turn

Now they tell us to take even their salt advice with a grain of salt.

USDA puts our money where its mouth is

Well, we suppose that headline could be construed as negative, but it shouldn't be. The government in general needs to spend less time talking about climate change and more time getting ready for it.

McDonald's new burgers. With beef this time.

Talk about your encouraging news. McDonald's has some new products that actually involve hamburger.

Beer fed cows

We've no idea how beer affects beef flavor, but this idea strikes us as important in at least two ways. The animal rights groups can hardly complain about "unhappy cows" if you keep them drunk and mellow. And, this would make the cow farmer's beer deductible, wouldn't it?

NBC notices wild horses again

We all know what fine medicine for low ratings the government's mustang roundups are, and NBC News has been giving us a good dose this week. You've got to love it when you get these debates between celebrities-who-feel-something and experts-who-know-something.

John Deere's quick outlook

Just a set of slides, but it says it all

Secretary Vilsack likes organic farming

Go vegan or go home? That's a choice?

Department of Very Practical Ideas:

Let's all surround our cows with red ribbons!

A main stream reporter we might like.

He says "Ever since then, steak has been at the top of the list of what Americans eat when they go out to celebrate." Well, yes.


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