Sep 17, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

The Farm Bill: Nobody's Darling

Jun 03, 2013

The Senate leadership expects to pass something soon, but the one prediction we can make with some degree of certainty is that nobody will be happy with it, but everybody agrees it's time to do SOMEthing. A sampling of current opinion

Farm Bill Proposals That Fail the Truth Test (Washington Post)
A New Bait-and-Switch Farm Bill (AEI)
Time to Plow Ahead on 5-Year Farm Bill (Billings Gazette)
Federal Farm Bill Matters to Mississippi (Hattiesburg American)

Same Goes for the Immigration Bill

The gang of eight says they've got progress. The reporters who follow them most closely aren't so sure.

Immigration Bill Pins Big Hopes on Dairy Cows (Reuters)
Immigration Bill Faces Tough Path in Full Senate (USA Today)
Despite Early Success, Immigration Bill Faces Uncertain Path Forward (TIME)
Report Finds Tough Border Security Does Not Deter Detainees From Re-Entering The Country (
GOP Immigration Supporters Face Back-Tax Dilemma

Twister Hits the El Reno Sale Barn

Oklahoma’s latest tornado tragedy hit one of the biggest cattle auctions in the country, and it sounds like they may be out of action for several weeks. Ron Hays provides more information.

Hands-Free Whopper Holder

We’re not sure how popular this handy (make that "unhandy") contraption will be, but it is at least one effort to make the burger as easy to eat as chicken nuggets.

Cowfolk Decide SOME Government Interference Is OK

OK. We can live with big government as long as it means free money for us.

Livestock Disaster Protection Act introduced

Federal funds would help mend fences

Benevolent NM Judge Allows Rancher to Sell His Cattle

The rancher who has been charged with allowing something like 1,700 cattle to starve on his 180,000 acre ranch has been granted permission to sell them.

Tyson Buys Another Brand

They're just getting more and more invested in their reputation. Pay attention. The more they have at stake in their quality reputation, the more pressure they will put on suppliers.

One Way to Approach CAFO Challenges

These pig farmers ask their recalcitrant nay-bors to help with the expenses their court shenanigans are causing. 

A Moo Monitor

This inventor says he can tell you when your cows are in heat.

Pitts: Create-a-Crisis

We don't always agree with what Mr. Pitts says (though we always like the way he says it) but this time we're firmly in his camp. Except he forgot to mention the "packer oligarchy" crisis he helped to create.

A Fresh New Spokesman for the Vegetarian Argument

Humans develop emotion before they develop intellect. Interestingly, while we suspect this kid was trained for the bit, it's clear his brain is able to grasp and regurgitate the entire HSUS-PETA intellectual argument. It's good to know that NPR is working hard to keep the vegan debate alive. Keep those pledges coming.

More Bits from the Net

Hog Industry PR

Pork industry makes an effort to open up (Des Moines Register)

Fewer Cows=More Fires

It takes an expert to argue the obvious?

A New 'Rock Star' in the Property Rights Movement

This guy is going to the mat with local government over his right to sell the stones from his land. There is not much defense of the regulation offered in the story, but we presume they're trying to guard against some new "puppy mill" kind of industry, with mom and pop operations profiteering from inhumane treatment of their rocks.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Some Scottsbluff citizens fret about the sort of folks that will move in to run a proposed packing plant. Others worry that the plant will pay too much.

It Doesn’t Take Caviness Long to Inspect a Hot Horseshoe

They bought it. They tried it. They dropped it.


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