Sep 19, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

U.S. Live Cattle Futures Rise Thanks to High Beef Demand

Jun 18, 2013

Analysts believe Monday’s rise in the live cattle futures market at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was in part due to a five-year high in U.S. beef exports. Monday’s exports were the highest they have been since the USDA began recording them in 2008, Business Recorder reports.

Vegetarians Calling Red Robin’s Latest Ad Disrespectful and Callous

In an ad meant to draw attention to chain’s 24 burger options, Red Robin made a snarky statement that only took 15 seconds to aggitate the vegetarian population, according to Ad Week. The line in question? "We even have a garden burger...just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase."

Farm Bill Braces for Firing Squad

Sara Wyant of Agri-Pulse says that when the farm bill reaches the House floor for debate, possibly this evening, it will "look more like a circular firing squad, with traditional supporters lining up to attack each other in ways that could lead to defeat of the overall bill." As anticipated, the major quarrel is over farm and nutrition interest and the proposed $20.5 billion in SNAP cuts over the next decade.

Checkoff Website Gets Midlife Crisis Facelift

While it maintains its decades old slogan "Beef, it’s what’s for dinner," the new site is designed to be a better platform for engaging consumers.

Beef Production Drowned Out by Fish

The Earth Policy Institute reports that for the first time in the history of the world, fish production has topped beef production. The study reported that in 2012, fish accounted for 66 million tons of consumed protein, while 63 million tons of beef was produced that year. Something seems fishy.

$120,000 Worth of Kobe Beef Jerky Fraud

Kobe Red, a project that said it was going to make flavored jerky out of organically raised, beer-fed cattle turned out to be a hoax, Huffington Post reports. Fortunately, the online fundraising site Kickstarter backed out just in time for the more than 3,200 investors to lose nothing but pride.

Flame-Resistant Cattle?

Early this week in Pennsylvania, 14 head of steers and pet cattle survived as the barn they were kept in literally burned to the ground. Would those fluffy cows we’ve been seeing everywhere been able to survive?

A Breath of Farm Fresh Air

The Peterson Brothers, who you remember from their first YouTube video "I’m farming and I grow it," are at it again with "A Breath of Farm Fresh Air." The brothers, raised on a cattle and corn farm in Kansas, channel Will Smith from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" in their latest muse.

Bank Deposits that Moo

A new type of banking has made its way to Zimbabwe. Called a "Cattle Bank," this institution was designed for cattle to be used as collateral on cash loans. For many in the rural country in southern Africa, it’s the first time they’ve ever had the option of banking. Owners are able to leave their cattle in the bank for as long as they’d like and they are able to withdraw cash equal to the value of the cattle they have in the bank. An executive for the bank says this is a great option for many that need cash but aren’t willing to sell their cattle. While they are able to accrue interest, instead of checking fees do they have hay fees?

Forest Service Uses Cattle to Heal Mined Lands in Colorado

If effective, this system will become a model for restoration throughout the country.



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