Sep 20, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

Video Evidence?

Aug 13, 2013

Reuters reports an animal health auditor for JBS presented a video at last week’s summer conference in Denver, showing lame cattle at their packing plant. This interesting read opens the door of concern at other packing plants. Cargill says it has not experienced problems, and National Beef said it has no plans to change its cattle procurement practices.

Copious Corn

It’s the tale of two summers when it comes to the corn crop. Last summer’s flirt with $8 corn amid a terrible drought are in the rearview mirror. Although the USDA backed off its July estimates, yesterday’s report makes it sound like there will still be plenty of corn to go around.

Chipotle Double-Take

Burrito king Chipotle is backing off its claim of only using all-natural beef. Amid a supply shortage, the food chain is now allowing "some" beef from cattle treated with antibiotics. But they will only allow such beef from sick cattle, not beef from cattle given antibiotics to prevent disease, Bloomberg reports. We can hear it now..."All-Natural Beef and Beef from Sick Cattle Served Here."

Lingering Label

The Food Safety and Inspection Service has granted meat and trade associations a 60-day comment period extension on a proposal to label certain tenderized beef products. Food safety advocates say the ruling is necessary so that consumers will understand the importance of cooking these cuts of meat thoroughly, Food Poisoning Bulletin says.

Need a little background info on the proposed rule? Find that here.

State Fair Follies

Animal rights groups are churning up controversy after they doused the Iowa State Fair’s iconic butter cow in red paint. The group Iowans for Animal Liberation hid in a building inside the fair grounds until it closed, and painted the buttered bovine red to symbolize "animals murdered each year." The butter sculptor ran to the rescue and the dairy delight was back on display later that morning. We find it a bit ironic that the group targeted a butter cow. After all, we all know how many dairy cows are "murdered each year" for their butter.

O-Clowning around has resulted in a ban for a rodeo clown from the Missouri State Fair.

Farm Bill Glass: Half Full?

Mumblings on the farm bill are evident as Congress is on summer break. NCBA’s Kristina Butts seems somewhat optimistic that a good vacation will clear the heads of our congressional representation, says Oklahoma Farm Report. Illinois representative Rodney Davis thinks everything "will be fine." However, House Democratic ranking member Collin Peterson is not optimistic.

Geez. Perhaps we should make them all hold hands in the backseat like our mom used to do when we’d fight with our siblings.

AgWeek’s version of "not optimistic."

Herald-Review’s version of "it will be passed."

A Moooving Scent

We can see it now. A beautiful woman in a little black dress wrapping her arms around a strapping gentleman, and she comments about how wonderful his cologne smells. Then the camera pans see cows on a dead run for the couple, much like they do when they see the feed wagon. Apparently that’s the goal of the new Farmer’s Cologne, which is designed to be aromatherapeutic and pleasing to cows and livestock, the LA Times Reports. Maybe the makers of this new fragrance will hire us for their next commercial.

Salute to Southpaws & Filet Mignon

It’s a little known fact that today is International Left-Handers Day and National Filet Mignon Day. What a better way to celebrate than picking up a fork with your left hand to enjoy a filet?

If you live near a Morton’s Steakhouse, perhaps you can cash in on a $1 Petite Filet sandwich today!

In case you’re curious, here’s TIME’s Top 10 Lefties.

Horsin’ Around

Never slap a police horse while in Denver. That’s what the Denver Post is reporting today. It just might get you arrested.

Judge says AQHA must register clones, according to

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