Sep 19, 2014
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Grazing the Net

RSS By: Greg Henderson and Friends, Beef Today

Our editors spend some time roaming the web looking for stuff cattle people and others in agriculture might find useful or entertaining. 

What is Too Fast?

Sep 04, 2013

That’s the question some are asking when in comes to line speeds in meat and poultry packing plants. A legal petition has been filed requesting OSHA and the USDA to implement better health and safety standards to protect packing workers. American Meat Institute says one important factor is that there is enough staffing on the line. Head’s up packers … As consumers continue the "I want to know more about where my food comes from" mantra, the safety of plant workers could become their next "I wanna know."

Slim Supplies

Feeder cattle supplies are tighter than expected, reports Capital Press. Citing figures from last months Cattle On Feed report, Derrell Peel said the magnitude of the decline was the real shocker. Fewer cattle, along with the possibility of less beef produced since Zilmax is no longer on the market have some questioning how the two factors will work together in the market. However, one consultant isn’t so sure the Z-factor will be much of an issue.

With those factors in mind, Cattle Network discusses how fast the cow herd can be rebuilt.

Meat-Eating Vegan President

Sounds like the secret is out on PETA’s person of the year in 2010--Bill Clinton. He’s been exposed as a cheater. Grin. Ok, a different kind of cheater. He cheats on his vegan diet. The Daily Caller confirmed he enjoyed a filet in Madrid recently, as well as other culinary delights. Really, Bill, it’s okay not to be faithful to your vegan promise. The country will understand.

A Thief, Not a Rustler

Cattle associations are quick to call those caught stealing cattle exactly what they are--thieves. Rustling, they say, has a romantic ideology from the old west. NRP reports on all the details that go into catching a thief. And it doesn’t end with "hang ‘em high."

True Beef

Some schools are cutting back on beef and other proteins in their school lunch programs, but Austin highlights a documentary currently being filmed with some Texas high school students and their efforts to earn an MBA--Masters of Beef Advocacy. It’s a program through the Connally High School Culinary Arts program. You can even watch a move trailer here. This just almost makes us want to go back to high school … almost.

Plated Dinner

No time to figure out what’s for supper? An East Coast company will do that for you, and when you come home from a long day at work, all the ingredients will be sitting on your doorstep. It’s a concept called "Plated." The Des Moines Register says it’s not cheap but some are finding the service well worth the expense and a sound alternative to eating out. Now if we can just find the energy to cook it!

Fun Facts

Facts About Beef has two interesting thoughts floating on the internet. 1) a fun graphic on water usage and how much water is used  to produce a pound of beef compared to making a t-shirt and other items; 2) they debunk the thought that feeding GMO crops is unhealthy for animals and results in unsafe beef. If you’ve got any nay-sayers in your book club or Sunday school class, is a good place to send them.

Moovin’ to Indonesia

Sounds like more Australian cattle will get a new address. The country has eyed the Indonesia cattle industry for some time, and exports live animals to the country. Now Indonesia has opened the door for more cattle, scrapping its quota system for live cattle. Instead a price-based system will be used. Although Indonesia would like to be self sufficient as far as beef is concerned, they currently need to import animals to maintain an affordable food supply. Australia’s ABC news has the details.


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