Sep 17, 2014
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In the Shop

RSS By: Dan Anderson, Farm Journal

As a farm machinery mechanic and writer, Dan brings a hands-on approach that only a pro can muster. Along with his In the Shop blog, Dan writes a column by the same name as well as the Shop Series for Farm Journal magazine. Always providing practical information, he is a master at tackling technical topics and making them easy for all of our readers to understand. He and his wife, Becky, live near Bouton, Iowa.

In The Shop: What Farmers Say

Jun 25, 2011

I enjoy eavesdropping when farmers passing through our shop discuss farming, life, the economy and politics. Here are some of the comments I've heard. Some are interesting because I've heard them over and over, hinting they are common ground for many farmers. Others were only voiced once, but earned my attention because they were "deep," humorous, or both. 

-"My equipment is 25 years old, rusty and out-of-date, but I get paid the same per bushel as the guys with the shiny new machinery."

-"I'll quit farming before I get too lazy to steer my own tractor."

-"Auto-steer was the best thing I ever bought."

-"A lot of things are going to change around our farm, once Dad is gone."

-"I'd give anything to have Dad nagging me."

-"Six dollar corn and fourteen dollar soybeans are the worst thing that has happened to agriculture in the past 50 years."

-"The most tense time of year for me isn't planting or harvesting, it's the month before rent contracts are finalized."

-"At the rate things are going, with farmers getting so cutthroat over cash rent, I know a couple guys who are going to have to hire pallbearers to carry their casket at their funeral."

-"This is the most fun farming has ever been--why would I ever want to retire?"

-"The fun has gone out of farming."

-"I lose money farming any field that's smaller than 40 acres."

-"I told my wife I could either raise cattle, or hang out at the local bar and chase women. I think she's having second thoughts about choosing cattle."

-"I suppose this is going to show up in that thing you write on the internet..."

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